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New member from Illinois

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Good morning! My name is Mark and I have been working on ideas for games for a few years now. Only in the past few months have I begun to solidify a game beyond just an idea and a few notes jotted on paper.
The game I am working on is a 2-6 player political game based on the US primary season. As a fledgling designer, I was happy to come across this site. The experiences of those here, along with their input and questions will be a welcome challenge to my experience as a designer.
As far as my gaming experience goes, my collection is nearing 65 games. It is my healthy addiction.
In addition to my designing, I am also getting ready to test an idea in my community that involves me teaching board games to people. My idea is to charge a small fee that will cover me bringing a game, investing the time to teach it and introduce people to the plethora of games out there. It has been my experience that when board games are mentioned, most people's concept is still rooted in Monopoly and Scrabble (both good in their own respects), but the reality is that there is a whole new world of gaming out there that very few people know about. My goal is to introduce new players into that world in hopes that it will build the gaming community for the future. I will update both of these projects as they progress.
Again, thanks for putting this valuable resource out here for us to tap into. I look forward to the interactions that I will have with this community in the future.


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Welcome to the forum and community.

Sounds like a great idea on your game education project. Applause for your effort on teaching and learning from many other game players who have not heard of the many thousands of games to enjoy and encourage. Keep up the great work.

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