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State up/The ultimate challenge seeking a publisher.

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state up the ultimate challenge

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As an observer and creative thinker, I; Leandrew Baillum has seen the popularity of games that can be shared by individuals around the world. Often these games can inspire quite a sense of camaraderie among players so much so that the fever for the games can sweep entire cultures. Inspired by my lifelong dream to create a legendary game that could unite cultures, or millions of people around the world.I set up on developing a complex game concept for generations of families and individuals around the world. I have been designing and documenting this concept for quite some time. Taken from my original massive social networking game challenge (the world-wide swap and trade/the gift). I’ve created the new board game, called (state up), the ultimate challenge. I passionately feel a sense of pride regarding this concept I believe in. Because of the widespread allure for such a concept, I wholeheartedly believe in the positive impact its development and production will have on individuals and the market to which it will be promoted.

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Hey Leandrew. Welcome to the

Hey Leandrew. Welcome to the forum! I'm not sure what kind of gaming background you're coming from, so I'll respond as if you're new to the back-end of the hobby.

If you want to publish a game, there are several ways to go about it, but the options most people go with are:

- Pitch to an established publisher who is in the market for the type of game you're making. If they decide to take on your game, then they will sign you and take over the development of your game. Depending on the publisher, you may or may not be involved with the final development of the game, and your theme/mechanics are subject to change.

- Self-publish via Kickstarter. There are many ways to self-publish, but the most popular avenue is through Kickstarter. If you go this route, you need to establish a following for your game months in advance of creating a Kickstarter project. Create social media accounts, actively participate in online game discussions, and figure out who you are marketing your game to. Self-publishing lets you keep creative control, but also take on all the financial risk. You will essentially need to run a business to run a successful Kickstarter.

Before you approach pitching or publishing, make sure that you have fully playtested your game. How long have you worked on it? Have your printed out the rules and had people play it without you telling them what to do? (Blind playtesting) Have you taken your game to Board Game conventions or to local game meetups to get feedback from strangers?

Lastly, if you have done all those things, and decide you are searching for a publisher, then you have to put in the footwork to find them. They will most likely not approach you on a forum, unless your game is generating alot of buzz online. You will have to meet them face to face at board game conventions and schedule a time to pitch to them. Some also accept submissions via their website, so you will have to research publishers which fit what your game is trying to do, and see if they're accepting games.

And if you'd like any more feedback, I suggest posting the rules to your game so we can get an idea of how it plays. I hope that helps!

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Thank you for the feedback, Here are the rules.

The rules are simple.
Collecting all fifty states, first to become the winner. You do this by completing the task of landing on states,
Players Roll, move, travel, landing on states collecting then. attempting to be the first player to collect all fifty states first and win the game
Starting the game.
Two to four players per game. (Pick one person to be Head of state,) it can be a player or non player. This person will handle the state (Volt) and distribute city/capital cards, and complete state tokens cards, throughout the game, and is responsible for all game materials and keep them together throughout the game. This person can still play the game. Each player rolls the dice to start the game, the one with the lowest number gets to start first then the next going clock wise.
The game is played by.
1.Rolling the dice and traveling around the board landing on (states)game.playing this game with just the complete (State token cards) only.
2.The second way to play is:Players, follow the same concept. but have to land on each state three times collecting city/capital cards. when a player have all three for that state they trade it in those states for a complete state token card. the first player to have all fifty compete state token cards wins the game.
There’s information on the (pull cards, when you land on a pull card space}follow the information it will help you reach the objective quicker. All the pull cards keep the game moving.
(Keep in mind) there is no number #4, or #8 move cards in the game because of the unique board design
•The (State Up) card move to anywhere on the board.
• Move forward to the next state you don’t have.
•Move backwards to the next state.
•Stay where you are don’t move, take another roll.
•Boom! Lose your turn.
•Boom! Lose your turn and skip the next player to.
•Pull and read the next city/capital card.
•Lose your turn; give it back to the last player.
•The other 32 cards all having 4 each, are as followed. and card spaces. The cards are.
•Move #1 through 10 space take another roll. Move #1 through 10 spaces backwards take another roll. Move up #1 through 10 spaces pass the dice. Move back #1 through 10 spaces pass the dice.
Materials in each game box: and their purpose.
•1.Game board, with 60 spaces, with a roll card space after every 4 states, 12 totals, on the board. The roll card spaces are creatively placed to allow players to frequently land on and reach the objective of the game quicker. 1 start spot at the last state. This is the starting point that all players of the game begin the game at. 1 dice twelve-sided, unique dice to begin the game each player gets a turn rolling the dice, the player with the lowest number gets to start the game. Players roll the dice than move the number spaces on the board shown on the dice around the board. 4 individual game pieces. These pieces represent each player in the game and is your personal piece throughout the game. 4 individual game, card /chip stand, each stand has #5 rows that holds #10 slots that house the city/capital cards, and the complete state token card totaling #50, states. This stand is where you keep each of your three-collected city/capital token cards, and complete state token cards.

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Why not have the board a map of the USA?

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Roll an Move

I’m a fan of roll and move games but reading your rules I don’t see any possibility of strategy at all? What can I do during the game besides roll the dice and follow the cards? How long is the game? If I obtain a state do I get to skip that state in future rolls?
With your introduction I feel like you may want to add some trivia style educational aspects to your game as you mentioned uniting people. Perhaps gathering lots of up to date facts about the current trends, politics or lifestyle of each state. If you answer the question correctly you get to move to that state then try to obtain it with a lucky roll or something. Perhaps something like Family Feud questions for each state. Anyway I would love to learn more about your game and maybe explain the unique features of your board?

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to your question

Obviously the concept is over your head, in order to collect all fifty states to win the game you will travel around the board landing on states and even landing on then several times if you read the rules again you would understand the process, my 6 year old understood it and was able to play and know that if your playing the easy way all fifty states are required. and the long way you need to land on that state three times in order to get a complete state token card. I did not put in all details about the city/capital cards because its not a mandatory process of playing the game. but all city/capital cards has information on them, There are (no trivia) questions evolved just facts and information about the cities and states you land on, which is a vital function of the game, and value proposition to consumers, and marketing. The game is packed with facts, from “history”, to fun facts, interesting facts, places to visit fun things to do, food and things you probably never learned in school, travel destinations, vacation hot spots, and so much more. All FYI, and is not a required process of playing game, but can be useful and educational.

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As far as I know, publishers

As far as I know, publishers don't hang out here, and you're clearly not looking for feedback, so I'm not sure what you're expecting to find as a response.

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You made a game and now you are not sure about...

What to do next!? Right...!

If you are so confident about the overall "quality" of the game... You should consider "Self-Publishing". What this means is that you will have a Kickstarter (KS) and handle all the marketing and hope for a lot of backers.

Figure out the price of the game, the minimum amount of Backers and hope that the number is between 250 to 350 backers. If so, great you should be able to KS you game with success.

Like @Jason pointed out, there aren't any "publishers" that partake of the daily conversation about DESIGNING... But you are more than welcome to be a part of the community and ENGAGE with the other designers and THEIR concerns... This community is a "two-way street"... Most designers that are on this forum share with the other conversations/threads and offer their opinions, expertise, experience to help the other designers ...

You're not the only person "with a game". Most of us are working on a 2nd, 3rd and more game... With issues of our own related to our designs.

What I am trying to say: "Become more engaged with our community and maybe you might enjoy the time you spend in the fora..."


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Thank you

Thanks for the feed back, I'll work on the advice and seek new avenues, I'm new to the approach of getting my games out to the public, I've been designing and paying for prototypes for many years and decided to try in publish a couple of them, but other then reading up on how to get my games to market, I see I'll have too build a better strategy. once again Thank you for the advice.

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