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Welcome from Colorado

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My name is Todd from Colorado. After 28 years of marriage, I finally bought a board game (Catan), and told my wife that all I wanted for Christmas was for her to sit down and play one game with me.

For 34 years (we dated 6 years prior to getting married), she HATED board games. Finally, using Catan as a gateway, we now play board games at least 4 nights a week together. It went Catan>Ticket to Ride>Carcassonne>Kingdom Builder>Pandemic, various expansions, and now we are playing Five Tribes. No way I could have convinced her to learn a game like that 6 months ago, but she loves it!

All together, we own about 2 dozen board games and expansions now, not including the traditional boring stuff. This transformation happened within a period of 6 months. We only watch a few shows on TV anymore.

Love this site, and I’m ready to design my own games. Actually, I’m about 2/3 of the way through my first design, which I will probably submit for the monthly challenge. Coincidentally, I was also fascinated with the idea of enticing players to cooperate in a non-cooperative game, so my current project fits it pretty well.

Also, I won the King of Tokyo tournament AND the King of New York tournament at this year's Starfest in Denver.


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Hello Todd

Hi Todd,
Congratulations on your Starfest victories! I was unable to attend Starfest this year. Maybe next year.

Where in Colorado are you located? The Denver area? I'm in Greeley. Just seeing if there are any local game designers that wanted to ever meet up.

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Hi Todd,

Great to hear that your gaming life is exploding! Welcome aboard.


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Keep the gaming going...

I believe that gaming is one of the few past times that can really stay with you. It's mind-exercising, socializing, fun! There was a nice photo on Facebook recently where a retired couple in their 70s (I believe) were playing a modern board game with each other. It was sweet and self-affirming. Board games are finally an art in their own right and are finally becoming more and more mainstream. Also, I am not surprised that your wife hated boardgames for so long...many of the older boardgames that everyone grew up with are very poorly designed compared to the modern stuff. Also, you can expect the modern to be smarter, higher quality, and simply more fun. Keep on enjoying them with your wife.

If I may...I suggest some good two player games to consider if you don't already have them:

-Can't Stop (one of the few roll and move games that works great)
-Targi (a most excellent 2-player game with an interesting worker placement mechanic)
-Vampire Empire (gothic genre deduction & combat card game)
-Phantom of the Opera (like Mr Jack--deduction chase game but with the PotO theme)
-Guillotine (very amusing despite the title and plays well with 2,3,4, or 5 players)
-Splendor (which also works with well with 3 or 4 players)

As far as your idea of cooperating when playing non-cooperatively...Indigo has an interesting mechanic when playing more than 2 players. Check it out. Not sure if that is what you are looking for, but it might spur some additional ideas in the process.

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