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Welcoming Ruy343...?

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I joined the site a few months ago and posted on several threads answering questions and offering my input on problems, but I realized that I never formally introduced myself. So, here goes.

I'm Ruy343. I'm a student at BYU that's about to graduate with a degree in Physiology. Last year, I began eating up board games from our local stores, and have made quite a few friends who play as well. Recently, I started making my own games, and now I see game design as a hobby that I thoroughly enjoy.

I like creating a variety of games, but I find that I do well in games involving learning. For example, my first functional game is a game about Pharmacology, where players assemble drug molecules in their "lab" and compete for victory points. The drug molecules are all real, with real-life effects that players enjoy learning about and interacting with.

I also like to create games with a reduced luck factor, and with decisions that impact the game. While I'm new to game design, I have found that I enjoy strategy games like Power Grid, 7 Wonders, and other euro games that make the play experience engaging and interesting as you weigh costs and benefits. I love designing mechanics that engage players cooperatively and competitively, and have already made several prototypes of games.

However, I'm new to this, and hope to learn from this thriving community. Thank you in advance for your warm welcome.

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Hi Ruy343. Another

Hi Ruy343.

Another contributor (a nurse and nurse educator) on this website Evita Timeless wanted to develop a game regarding nursing education more specifically dealing with grief and the phases of.
I hesitated when seeing such a serious subject being approached in a game form at first because I see games primarily as a form of entertainment and enjoyment.
Not necessarily belly laugh fun as many games are enjoyed seriously.

The word game is probably misleading as Merriam –Webster gives these descriptions:-

A physical or mental activity or contest that has rules and that people do for pleasure and:-
an activity engaged in for diversion or amusement.

Having said that many games subtlety educate including, Monopoly and Stock market type games etc.

What I believe though is that the educational element didn’t overtake their entertainment value.

To me that’s the risk with games being an educational tool.

Entertaining first and foremost otherwise the players might as well read a textbook.

So I think it’s great if you can create a competitively entertaining game that subtlety educates people in the field of pharmacy or related with this in mind.

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