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Young filmmaker with passion for games

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Joined: 08/28/2012

Hello, I'm a 24yr old filmmaker who has a passion for playing and designing games. It all kinda started back when I was a young kid and my mother wouldn't let me play video games and certain card games, so the next best thing was to make up my own board games (usually by ripping off the games I wanted to play but wasn't allowed). I got older and started buying baseball cards, then star wars TCG, then LOTR TCG, and finally Magic.

My uncle, who's a big board game enthusiast, then helped to introduce me and my family to games. Getting us these strange games we've never heard of. Games like: ticket to ride, saboteur, settlers of cation, BANG!, Carcassonne, blokus... And then I went to a board game club with him one day and he introduced me to: Dominion. Everything changed!! That game is incredible!! I then proceeded to get my family and extended family hooked. I designed by own expansion and printed off horribly broken cards. I then redesigned the base box to hold all the sets (minus hinterlands and Dark Ages) in it for easier transportation. I enjoy Dominion.

I had continued designing games throughout this time (both computer and board) and recently I've been designing 2 very unique games over the last year and a half. I came across this site in my search for advice and guidance on game design (I realize I'm young and need to soak up as much help as I can). So that's my story. Thank you for all your profound wisdom and knowledge I have read so far, and for the abundance of helpful information to come.

Joined: 08/28/2012

I am in a very similar boat to you. I am a 22 year old architecture graduate student who has always desired to build on games I liked, and for the past year I have been developing a game and thought I would take to the web and see what I can learn out here.

But either way it's great to see others in my position out here!

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