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A Land Forgotten - the game

About my game:
I am writing a book, and the reason I tell you this, is because I wanted to see my characters as dungeons and dragons characters...then I realized my world doesn’t fit into dungeons and dragons style play. So I decided to come up with a brand new system, based all on my book.

In the books world magic is possible with all people, not just mages and wizards, and as magic flows through all beings, it is very common for even the most mundane person to have at least a small knowledge of spells. The Arcane and Divine powers and abilities are limitlessly limited within each class of people, as your character grows and travels throughout the world they may encounter each of these classes or even become one or more of these classes.
As you delve deeper into this game you will see the true potential of magic for even a fighter, you will see the difference between divine and arcane magic, and even how the most powerful of mages can be overpowered by even a common thief, not just a warrior.
In this game you will see limitless potential for all characters, limitless potential for all players, and limitless potential for all roleplayers.

The game only has 3 base classes, which kind of like final fantasy tactics, are required for certain other classes (for example only the mage can become the wizard, and only the expert can become the rogue) though some classes are possible to become without certain base classes, (as the bard does not REQUIRE the expert, but is more beneficial when using the expert to become the bard, but alas the mage cannot become a bard)

A class assumes a character is trained in some way ( a mage being trained by his or her master, a fighter joining the army, an expert ‘s father teaching him his crafts.) Training is not always by a single person or groups of people. Lifestyles can be training, nature can be training (a mage in the forest is expected to be a druid some day for example) People in real life gain skills and talents from all sorts of experiences, be it watching animals (why do you think many Chinese martial arts are named after animals?) or stealing from their father(everyone good and bad starts somewhere) farmers and ranchers (especially in the medieval age) are exceptionally strong and has a plethora of skills, every storekeeper is talented, every blacksmith, every potter, every sewer, bookkeeper, mother, father, man, woman, child, even a bellhop was trained or taught something to make them who they are by some act of nature, willing or not.(this willing or not portion could be applied to the teacher, or the student…you decide) however A player…or character who either cannot decide which class to choose, has no training (perhaps because they are very young still), or is simply so able that he/she could be or do anything, can be a null(0) leveled character, with a starting experience of -1000 (yes negative one thousand) with no class, and upon reaching 0xp or higher, they may choose a class. These characters can start with +4 ability points, and +6 talent points. (if such a character died he/she would be worth 25xp, that of a child, or a ¼ level character)

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