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Granting other members privs to a game journal!

Members should now be able to use the new GRANT feature to assign other members to a Game Journal they create. Once the initial Game Journal item is created (say just the title). A new GRANT option should appear to the right of the title.

When selected the GRANT page will give you a method to enter a user name to find the member you wish to grant permissions to your page.

Enter the member name (or partial name), once have the member name you have to select the KEEP checkbox, and select the checkbox permissions you wish to give (view, edit, delete), and lastly hit save.

Hopefully this be a helpful collaborative tool for some members. As well as a method to allow admin the ability to give restricted access to some members for maintaining other site content.

--BGDF Staff



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This Is A Test Comment

This is a TEST Comment
Salman Khan

Why a test comment?

Why a test comment?

Selecting all users

Could it be possible to select all users (and check the "keep" for all users), so you can deny them the right to view your journal?

I'm asking this, because it would allow users to create a journal and keep it hidden during the time (all those weeks) they are still working on it.

Just an idea, but it might be a good one. Maybe people don't want their unfinished journal-item to be seen by other users. If they need comments, they can grant the viewing-rights to certain users they want a comment from before finishing the journal-item and making it available for everybody to view.


Possibly, but the change we

Possibly, but the change we actually require us to make all Game Journals initially restricted to just the owner.

At that point you could grant permissions to other users (and I can also add in roles, like all members).

But in general you bring up a good point about some type of *private* data area for users. I will think about it a little and figure out a plan to promote this in the future.


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