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Site Moved Early



For those that are just coming back to the site, you can tell that things have drastically changed. This was a result of the old site being hacked (multiple times in just a few hour span).

As a result I had to move to the new system (that was being created behind the scenes). It still have flaws and content is still being migrated. The biggest issue,YOU MUST CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT, sorry... but this is just how is has to be for us to move forward at this time.



Great Signup Rate

Over 250 new, real accounts (non-test, non-duplicate, non-spam) in the first three weeks... excellent! Helps belay concerns that folks wouldn't sign up again.

Nearly 350 users now, and

Nearly 350 users now, and lots of activity. Rock!

faster than a speeding wiki

Nice work. I have to say, it's running a whole lot faster than the old site. Methinks I'll hang out here more often now :)

I agree. My first response

I agree. My first response when I saw the new site was that I plan on visiting the site more often now.


Heroic effort Zzzzz! Nice job and thanks!

I'm blown away

I quickly re-registered, and have been testing what my account is capable of doing. This is a big improvement over the last piece of software used on bgdf. Although, I do have to say, I liked the old logo better. Great work Zzzzz!


Thank you for your kind words.

As for the logo, this was just a temp solution. Something I could toss together in minimum time frame. The old logo was going to be too big to use on this current theme so I had to improvise!

Thanks again...

New logo

Looks like you just changed the logo. It's looking great! Have you considered changing the color of the header to a different color, or are you satisfied with the current color scheme? Great work, keep it up!

I like blue

Coming from years of orange/yellow, I think blue is nice for the new site. It works as a symbol of this site being a fresh start, hopefully leaving all the functionality and security rpoblems of the previous versions behind.

yes, the blue is nice. The

yes, the blue is nice. The orange was so not. The new color scheme is easy on the eyes.

Love the new color scheme

I totally agree, the new color scheme is very nice!

Great work Dave!

Now if people would put subject lines in, we wouldn't have to do a double take at the beginning of each message ;)

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