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Current update and other details


1: This morning I finally hand colored in the prototype cave playmat.

2: Sword Weapon Skill Technique list has 17 empty spots left to fill in.

3: Dagger/Fan is still in the works. 50% complete.

4: There are 7 Weapon Skill Technique decks and lists to complete.

Today I started coming up with pre-concept for new location playmats.

1: Waterfall.
2: Colosseum Arena with different designs located in different parts of the TriiDorium World of Dymino Monsters.

5: No new monster / creature names in the last three week. Not yet that is. Still working on other aspects of the game.

6: Went to the local Animarathon two weeks ago. About had 60 to 70 people pass by and two gentleman come up to take a closer look of the demo my team member and I were playing. The comment made by visitor,"I have no idea what that is, but it looks interesting".


Prototype Playmats inked, hand colored and playtested on: 4

Prototype Non playtested playmats: 6

Prototype chapter decks completed: 14

Prototype chapter decks half completed: 4

Weapon Skill Technique lists and prototype weapon skill technique decks complete: 4 of 12 not 14. Which was an calculated error.

New game mechanic decks complete: 5 of 12.

Stay tuned for more updates.


First novel update

The first novel is also still in the works and is still at chapter five and in its first rough draft. Its been almost a year. Which is sad but I will get to it.

New update:

Today I completed the Ax / Shield weapon skill technique list. Also started on the Crossbow weapon skill technique list, Dagger Fan weapon skill technique list.

Drew up a Stone bridge play mat in black and white pen. Still not colored yet during this month of August.

Drew pre-designed prototype play mats for other locations.

This may sound stupid...

But maybe you could "explore" 3D techniques used in making 2D play mats appear to be fully visual in 3D?!

Maybe you could go back to those OLD two color (Red/Blue) type of visors/glasses - and use that RETRO technology to make 3D game mats...

It's just a CRAZY idea... But it would be pretty ORIGINAL! IMHO play mats that are made to be 3D could be really cool. Like I said just a crazy idea! :P

Best of luck with your game!

Update: PLUS it's totally RETRO too! :D

Note: I've seen some of the maps and they are mostly isometric views - might be cool to "explore" the concept of 3D play mats...

Update #2: Just Googled this:

Going to look into it ... to see HOW-TOs on how to make it possible...

Stormyknight1976 wrote:The

Stormyknight1976 wrote:
The first novel is also still in the works and is still at chapter five and in its first rough draft. Its been almost a year. Which is sad but I will get to it.

Please don't do a novel to accompany the game. Please. At least not as an upsell or a give-away. I may be the only person who feels this way, but I cringe when I see a KS with fiction as a stretch goal. I would never back one, unless the author has a couple traditionally published novels under his belt, and even then, I'm not going to read it.

I don't know how you plan to market your game, or if I've misread, and you mean that you are also working on an unrelated first novel -- in which case best of luck to you! To keep things in perspective if it is a game tie-in, it is going to cost you up to $3,000 to have a 60k word novel professionally edited, and fiction always needs editing. Add to that the expense of a cover illustration, layout, and formatting. The end result is either a tepid add-on siphoning cash from the game, or you end up saving money by releasing a slipshod, unedited PDF that is going to detract from the customer's perception of the game.

Thank you for the information

Thank you for the hyperlink and information. I draw these play mats as an homage to video game isometric field locations during game play and everything at this time is drawn freehand and colored. For this reason I do not have finances for a new computer to render my play mats like every one else does at this time. I will how ever take a look at the hyperlink and get new ideas. I will also consider the retro technology to make the 3D game mats.

I hope every thing is working well with your game as well, Kris.

Happy hunting and safe travels where ever they lead you.

New weapon skill technique

Tonight I have completed the old Archive Soldier Weapon Skill Technique list.

Now to work on the Dagger Fan, Flail, Brush, Crossbow, Whip lists. Some of these are already half complete or just started to be listed during 2016.

Out of curiosity, what kind

Out of curiosity, what kind of game is this? How much have you playtested it?

Hello Squinshee

Dymino Monsters is a high fantasy steampunk hack n' slash, real time strategy tactical game. The game and its story line is a very large undertaking and there is no need to rush this game out as is. Fine tuning the minor details every month is key and tedious. I won't be satisfied until I think its ready. This is also why I never put a time schedule on this game to put out on store shelves.

From the beginning of 2004: Play tested the game about 5 times. The randomization of the draw pile had only 28 monster cards. I wanted more original monsters that were wild and crazy and it was still in its infancy. So I put the game on the shelf as it were for two and a half years until new monsters game to mind.

2007: New monsters were created to add to the draw pile. Play tested it again since 2007.

The game and its many different play mats has been played close up to 60 times since 2007 and that is not enough. Even with those play testing numbers, I have worked on smaller game projects through out the years during the production of Dymino Monsters. This is why I only update on this website from a two to three by weekly bases or even from a month to two months time.

Thank you for taking the time to ask a question with this game.

No problem! I just get

No problem! I just get worried when peeps on here are spending time on art assets before the game is finished. I fear that these won't end up being functional as the game continues to undergo mechanics changes.

Best of luck!

Bows respectfully

Thank you.

I hear you on that art asset statement. All artwork for the most part : play mats : is hand drawn in isometric view. A homage to that of hack n' slash video games. I do have a top overview battle field play may that sits four players. That campaign play testing is real fun to play.

Three factions to choose from or just four playable characters out of the 12 playable characters to choose from and add some units to fight or defend with and some other neat details inserted on the field also makes it fun. As with that I will say Titans.

You can ally with another faction or enslave another faction or fight alone. Titan cards are moved by each player. Meaning that the Titan has a mind of its own on the field. Each player moves the titan or titan(s) on the field to attack or defend or just stalk another opponent and its units or all factions and playable character can attack the Titan on the field. Its all up to the players.

New Update:

Tonight the Dagger Fan weapon skill technique list has been completed. Now to get the last four which are in the works to complete.

Also, I am changing or actually going to play test the dueling play mats from two mats for two players into one play mat for dueling.

So what needs to be drawn is a one dueling play mat for two players. The diamond grid format play mat will still be used.

There will be an option in the rules that you as the player can use either method during the dueling play mats. So now players can choose from two play mats to use or just one dueling play mat during their duels. House rules or optional. Either way the rules will still be the same for the game play just the option to set up will be player choice.

This will create more freedom to do more stylized player options during game game and not hindered to being confined one what the rules of the game guide is written.

For this reason I want to have my players feel comfortable to play the game how they see fit because the game in it self is unlimited to the style of game play from player to player.

I have seen and heard from gamer's and non gamer's alike when they view the play mats from the screen on Facebook or in plain view and say,"Wow looks complicated."

This is okay. This game allows players to open up their imagination and mind on the movement grid to fight and defend from up close and from afar. Just as you would in a tactical strategy warfare game or a hack n' slash video game.

More new monsters have been created for TriiDorium World for Dymino Monsters. New play mat prototypes have been drawn and still in black and white.

A friend of mine will be joining me and my play test crew in three months after his schedule is free. He will be playtesting the game and see how it has progressed through out the years as we have only talked on facebook and on the phone. He was a extra in Hollywood movies and on t.v. in the mid 90's. Can't wait to see how he plays Dymino Monsters.

But all in good time. All in good time.

Stay tuned for brand new updates later this month.

Three weapon skill techniques left

I have just completed the whip weapon skill technique list tonight.

Crossbow and arrows, Brush and Flail weapon skill techniques are left.

The crossbow skill techniques is actually half completed, I have been circling around this weapon technique tree and the brush weapon skill technique tree little over 4 years now. Yes. Its been that long. No, I don't jest at all. Its been a living nightmare trying to come up with original weapon skill techniques for each of these 12 weapons. 60 cards each. Yeah. there is a lot of styles. Some copy techniques. Not a lot but giving the fact to have a character in battle to dodge left or dodge right or jump back during an incoming attack may sound cliche but its worth to notePure stret that I would be doing most of these techniques in real life simulation or in a real world combat situation if it were still in medieval times.

Again though, these techniques are basic styles and a a lot of made up styles particular to the game world of Dymino Monsters.

Some techniques might stay on the final roster. Some techniques may change during the course of more play testing. Who knows. All I can say is, I am happily excited to see all of these weapon skill technique lists nearly complete. And I can finally breathe.

Why do I do what I do? Its for the passion. Its for the love of the expressions and the sight of the opponents eyes light up or see their minds trying to see a way out or a way into the heat or out of the heat of battle or defending from it.

How ever you look at it, its been an awesome adventure. Oh and I get to do it again for the next 4 game novel series and a second franchise novel series which has already has some character lists, monsters and some back stories to the entire Dymino Monsters universe.

Happy hunting,


During the weekend updatemimi

The flail weapon has been changed to a spiked club for the playable character in Dymino Monsters. Also I have completed the spiked club weapon skill list. Not only as the spiked club is a basic weapon skill, the character can use its own bite, claws, tail and wings as maneuver skills during attack and defending.

The crossbow (mechanical knight) weapon skill technique list is still half complete. The list only needs 37 skills to add and for the brush weapon skills (mimic artist) is still in development.


In Other News

Yesterday I put up on fb that I have decided to take out a chapter deck that couldn't fit into the Dymino Monsters game universe. So I have decided to add this deck as a Deleted Chapter Collector's deck when the game comes out. Again, that is or will be in the future sometime. Still working on finances.

The Brush weapon skill technique list description and details has now been finalized and visioned of how the deck will work in the game world after its creation since 2014. I had some ideas and pondered about it for two years to make it a feasible skill and weapon and today is that day.

The mimic artist can obtain new brushes, different paper, scrolls and animal skins to draw and paint on and learn to be a master artist.

Stay tuned for more updates.


Latest weapon skill technique

Latest weapon skill technique list ; Crossbow and Arrows is complete.
I completed Wednesday evening. Now onto the last weapon skill technique set, THE BRUSH WEAPON SKILL TECHNIQUEEEEE. The last statement was ment to be read as a 1960's black n white action thriller voice over.

Corny, yeah. To say the least, I am thrilled to have come this far and can not wait to test out the latest weapon skill sets during game play.
Its been a long time time to have started so long ago and finally seeing the some what finished product. Even though still in index card form.

Its all good. Excited to say the least.

The brush weapon skill technique is not what you expect to be. Oh you will use the brush in the arts of combat but seeing things is not what your opponent is seeing to believe or at least neither will the monsters on the field.

Who is hunting who? Find out as the players or the characters on the field set up a trap to corner in their prey for an ambush.

I also told one of my play testers tonight that I will be also drawing a second open field battle map to connect to the first original one. This second open field battle map will allow to two more players to sit and join the game already in session. Heck why not add a third open field battle play mat and allow two more players which equals to 8 players on the field battling it out? Or add one more open field battle play mat and make it 4 fields allowing 12 players to play at the table for more action, thrills and spills?

Ooo, that does sound delicious.

Stay tuned for more updates.


The Dagger Fan character

Today I have changed the dagger fan character class. It used to be a rogue type, but I wanted something different then always having a rogue in a game. To me, rogue or its class to play as is cliche. So I thought about this for nearly a year and a half and as of today, I have changed it.

The rogue character is now a marketeer/hunter. I think I should change the title now to Trader/Hunter. This character was also a male. Now a female. She is also the niece to one of my other characters in the story line who is a marketeer/hunter (trader/hunter) The Treasures of the Falcon deck is a collection of TriiDorium World birds. These birds are hunted for other collectors, and or for pets or used during battle or scavanging other birds and prey.

So, the newest character change is now a trader/hunter and is a hybrid of a deer and fox. So her name is Dox. She is also part of the foxerian dwarf family tree.


Today's update


1: Four weapon skill technique decks left to add to the prototype index cards. I completed the spiked club character W.S.T. deck very early this morning, around 1:30 a.m.

2: The character who uses the spiked club w.s.t. also has a name now.

3: 4 names needs to be given to the last four playable characters for their w.s.t.

4: I finally added some new details regarding to the water fall play mat this afternoon. Still needs some more details and then to hand color it all in. One of my play testers have just seen the latest details today and he approves already.

Stay tuned for more updates.


Prototype play mat added

I have just added the newest prototype play mat to the image file. It is 1 of 4 that connect to each other for a much larger playing field for everyone to duel on or to multiplay on during the story line mode.


Waterfall Prototype Play mat update

Section 2 upper right portion of this play mat has been filled in last night and I have started filling in the last portion of section 3 today. Should be complete by the end of this week.

In other news:

Star Dusk Pirates : Voyage of the DoomSetter has been added back into the game and story line. The title of this deck was created back in January 19, 2014. Since then I did not get back onto this deck until 45 minutes ago. Meaning that I have allocated what will be in the deck.

This deck is mostly a seek and destroy deck out on the on open waters for the other deck called Sea of Opsis for that chapter. This deck; Voyage of the DoomSetter, ties into story line of the HaHa Valley Island Chapter. This deck also has 45 cards in all.

At one point during working on the other chapter decks, I was almost considering to cancel this deck. But, seeing that the deck still had potential for the story line, I went and worked on it tonight.

This prototype deck with be completed this week as well.


Voyage of the DoomSetter deck

While watching, "The Hobbit; Battle of the Five Armies" , I worked on the Voyage of the DoomSetter chapter deck. It took me the entire movie to get the text down on all of the 40 cards. Some how I miscounted the list. Ha, silly me. So tonight or this weekend, I will be allocating the attack and defense point system for this deck and it will be ready for play testing.

The fourth section to the prototype waterfall location play mat is nearly complete. I also worked on the play mat after watching the movie.

For the Mimic Artist Weapon Skill Technique deck. Yeah, I am still working out the other cards and details. So it got pushed back a bit. I swear that deck will be the death of me. lol. Anyways. So there is the newest update.

Stay tuned for more.


Brand New Game

Late this morning at 12:43 A.M. I designed another game that is NOT related to Dymino Monsters.

This game was created out of curiosity and with only 12 index cards left from a stack I was going to use for something else.

From 12:43 A.M. to 1:48 A.M. April 4,2020
While watching The Odysseus movie with Armond Arssante, I drew the on the cards, came up with the rules.

With just 12 cards and a Knight pewter miniature, I created a solo puzzle game.

Time play:
Depending on the card drawn : 1 second.

Full time game play: 41 seconds and 46 hundredths of a second. So basically its a 1 minute game. I have used a stopwatch to calculate the results after playing the game 5 times, then I used the stopwatch.

I played my game from 1:43 A.M. to 4:48 A.M.

I woke up at 11:46 A.M. and went to the laundromat. I took my game there. I played the game for 40 minutes while the clothes were washed.

I am now working and going to sending out 9 games to family and friends.

Some of those 9 friends are game designers and 1 of them is a Board and Card Game Media Reviewer. They are in the works of 2 games of their own. For this live stream group, they bring other well known game designers and KS game designers on their live stream.

Cant wait to see and hear their reaction.

Creator of Dymino Monsters
Jesse F.

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