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Dymino Monsters Update March 9 2023

Dymino Monsters update 03/09/2023

Earlier this morning before going to bed like a crazy man that i am for working on this project, but i have loved the development since the beginning.

I started a new research of colors.

From what I know there are a lot of colors that make sense and a lot of colors with names that have no potential meaning at all. I wrote down 403 colors and then found another list of colors that are more to real life colors.

With so many names of colors and number lists for each color it will help me paint a better picture for the World of TriiDorium.

I can only do so much with 12 colors to describe a location or area in the World of TriiDorium.



BTW do you want me to UNLOCK your other THREAD???

Hello Stormy... Just wanted to know IF you would like me to UNLOCK your DM thread in the Water Cooler with around 65,000 or so views??? It's still on the 1st page of the Water Cooler Section in the Forum.

For COLORS, I have something to SHARE with you. I kept it because I felt like it could be MULTI-CULTURAL with some Design or Game. It's about COLORS and their meaning in different areas of the World. There are ONLY eight (8) colors as defined in this "chart" but maybe it may help you define Cultural Races in Dymino Monster... Like I said, if it's no help, no worries... I was just sharing something that I downloaded when I saw it. Here take a look:

Culture Colors Chart - The meaning of colors in different cultures

Enjoy and maybe this helps you figure out how to use colors better. IDK, it definitely makes me think about different races and such relating to CULTURE in different parts of EVEN a "Fantasy World/Universe".

Cheers and keep up the GOOD (but HARD) work! (LOL)

For the Dymino Monsters Post

To Kris : AKA : Admin

Thank you for checking up on the post and sending me the color post scheme. Bows respectfully.

I took a screen shot of the color wheel. The. More variety I can get by researching and learning new colors or adding them to my lack luster of vocabulary, the better.

For the post that I asked to have locked down. I would like to have that post locked up for an unknown foreseeable time.

Since I have moved on to the blog portion of this site, I made never go back to that post again? Maybe I will.

My game updates have become much shorter these days and why try to update 2 threads or posts during the update. It will confuse the readers. Plus, all of the games information from 2014 - 2023 is now stored on this site.

So , no need to have any more comments be added to that locked post. Any comments, statements, ideas can be added to this blog for all to see if needed as always.

So, no worry to wonder if you need to wait for that locked post will ever be open again.

For the last 3 1/2 months of 2023 , I have quieted my surrounding of long winded 12 hour to 14 to even as some points of my life 24 to 48 hour game design / development for Dymino Monsters have come to an end with the card stock.

Now, the second long journey of the game development is writing the novels, the last three production manuscripts, and everything else in between by me.

Thank you everyone for taking the time to read all of my posts and learn my game notes and updates as they were updated in real time when it happened.

I have been busy, exhausted and driven even more to complete Dymino Monsters.

I'll update as the game / story keeps progressing to the final end development.

Aka: Stormyknight1976

Here's another website with a COLORWHEEL

Hello @Stormyknight1976, I also found this not too long ago (maybe 1-month of so) it may also prove to be useful when dealing with COMPATIBLE colors:

That's another color resource of a different kind. Trying to match up colors that are "compatible" with each other... It's a bit like Palleton.

Here's another color mixer that uses multiple palette colors to create new shades based on the colors you BLEND:

You'll notice that "TryColors" will give a NAME for every color you mix. That's cool in that you don't need to INVENT The colors, just blend and get the color you like...

Like for EXAMPLE: 1 blue (20%), 2 cyan (40%), 1 green (20%), 1 black (20%)

RESULT = Teal #009188

That's all that I have right now... Feel free to try and use these tools for your purposes.


May 3rd 2023 Dymino Monsters Update

At 5:36 am this morning I finally started writing one of the stories for Dymino Monsters.

Dymino Monsters :
For Honor and the Shield to Glory

A Bantalatal & Aila Journal

I am hand writing each story. For this novel already and in a hours time, I am three pages in.

I have my outline that i had written the other evening, forty encounters on a list that will make some kind of an appearance and a list of locations along the journey they will go.


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