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November 25 2022 Dymino Monsters Update

I've been working on the following:

Dymino Monsters: Rise of the Titans and Birth Reign Second Era Titans Encyclopedia the last several days.

The Encyclopedia has a Part 1 and Part 2 which includes just as the title reads.

Both parts has a table of contents, and introduction (not written yet) the names for each encounter and notes.

I am still working on the Piotr Angioms' backstory.

All 11,000 prototype index cards are finally written for the entire game.

I'm still working on the chapter deck stories, novels, production manuscripts.

If your interested; check out Dymino Monsters / Triidorium on Facebook to see what I'm working with.

Thank you all for the ongoing interest and support for my game Dymino Monsters.

Creator of Dymino Monsters;


Hmm... All about the game

I know you are working on your game still... But I wanted to share something which is sort of like "Postpartum Blue", meaning we put so much TIME and EFFORT into making games and there are jerks out-there which have the audacity to tell you: "Your baby is ugly!

Who in all hell RAISED these jerks and forgot to tell them:

If you can't say something NICE, don't say anything AT ALL!

Having a voice and using to harm the reputation of a business or worst a designer is sheer ludicrous. I can't believe people have the nerve to post a 1/10 or 2/10 for a game with AMAZING ART, tight mechanics and a whole lot of replayability. I'll say it here as I've said it on BGG: 1 or 2 out of 10 is reserved for pure garbage ... 5/10 as the lowest score maybe (mediocre)... But anything below this is a sheer insult and deserves punishment (like that vote doesn't count).

So watch out for the "nay-sayers" there are a lot of them OUT-THERE. They all think we're idiots without real jobs. Truth of the matter most of use don't want to deal with people like them and that's why we moved towards other streams of revenue to make a living in channels outside the scope of the bullies and jerks.

Wishing you a ton of success @Jesse. Keep it moving forwards. Cheers.


It is me, *raises glasses*, Ramon

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