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Does anybody out there know if there has ever been a board game designed and published based upon Jules Verne's story Around the World in 80 Days?

I have found that a game called Race Around the World that was made in 1891 and was based upon the trip made by Elizabeth Cochrane Seaman (a.k.a Nelly Bly) who in 1889 attempted an around the world trip faster than the fictional account of Phileas Fogg from Verne's novel (she did too, in the record time of 72 days, 6 hours, 11 minutes!). The game was a simple peg-style game where players spun a spinner in the shape of a compass and moved so many spaces. The game is simple, but quite interesting.

I have also found a childrens concentration-type game with a similar title designed to teach geography.

Has there been anything recently that is similar? I had a thought the other day for a fun, yet educational, board game that could focus on geography. Players would race to be the first around the world by using different routes. They would draw cards along the way to move them forward or send them back so many spaces. The game would be loosly based on Jules Verne's book, mostly in concept.

Any help would be appreciated so I can know if I should pursue this idea or not.

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Around the World...

The BoardGameGeek is your friend: I highly recommend it.

Here's one from 1987, designed by Wolfgang Kramer. Here's another from an unknown year and author.

Just because someone has done one doesn't necessarily mean you shouldn't, in my opinion. Just do it differently and better!

-- Matthew

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I heartily agree! Just because it's been done before doesn't mean it's a good idea. How many games are based on WW2, Egypt, fantasy worlds, etc.

There's only an infinite number of themes to go around, odds are, ANYTHING you can think up (within reason) has already been done before.

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Around the World...

In the chat about Themes, I mentioned that Knizia's Lord of the Rings game was really a weakly themed game pretending to be a strongly themed one. This got a lot of critical comments in the transcript forum.
This is a perfect theme for the LotR game. The boards could be the different regions Fogg passed through, sauron can be the detective chasing fogg. As you miss life tokens, etc you're making mistakes that move you closer to his clutches (that's how the corruption line would be themed).


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Around the World...

To be fair, Oracle, what was special about the LotR game was the "Storytelling" mechanic that Knizia devised (and, I believe, now owns the patent to :)) It was first fitted to the LotR story because that's what he was commissioned to design - the fact that the underlying system can be applied to a wide variety of stories shows how strong the basic mechanic actually is.
So observing that it would fit "Around the World..." is true, but doesn't detract from the strength of the original theme (in the same way that I proposed a "Harry Potter" refit sometime last year...)

But yes, ATWIED is an excellent example of a book that could be used to fit that game style (albeit probably a little short to provide enough incidents etc. to make up several boards plus bonus cards!)

Around the World...

FastLearner wrote:

Just because someone has done one doesn't necessarily mean you shouldn't, in my opinion. Just do it differently and better!

Oh, I agree. Mostly I was wondering what has been done so I can see how I can make it different and better. :D

Thanks for the links. From looking at these two links I can already see areas where my idea would be different. Now just to get the idea on paper.


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Around the World...

There is a game called Around the World in 80 Cards. It appears to be currently only in German, but came out in 2003. I don´t know if it is the same theme, but I´ve seen it in stores and it is in a card-sized box.[/url]

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