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true science testers?

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Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right forum to post this, but I've been asked by Aristoplay/Talicor to revamp the True Science game for re-publication. One of my issues with it when we designed it was not enough time for play testing. (We spent zillions of hours on the questions--writing, copy editing, fact checking, setting up card files . . .) Now that the questions just need an update and brush up, I'd like to refine the game play, game board, and rule book.

I love Veritas's suggestion of having folks read-test the manual w/o the game components. Excellent idea. I also want to set up local game tests in southeast Michigan (I'm in Ann Arbor), especially with families or at schools (I know, I know the school year is ending . . .).

The questions are aimed at around age 10 and up. Is anyone game? If so, please contact me via my website at . Note that I don't work for Aristoplay--I'm a freelancer and am doing this independently on the cheap because I'd love to see this game back in print. I put some heart and soul and sweat into it back in the 1990s.


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true science testers?

Wow Ann arbor. I thought I had met most the designers around here. Well I am sure being that you’re a local I could at least help you out by reading through the rules. Play testing is also a possibility. Send me an IM with the times that might work for you.

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