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Boards for a tile-placing game

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I am making a game that requires players to 'build the board' before the game starts by placing tiles. I was wondering if anybody has any suggestions on how to make a board for the game? Blank squares would be the entire board. Any suggestions?

Thanx in advance.

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Boards for a tile-placing game

Is there a good reason why you need a board at all? One of the virtues of tile-laying games is that they generally don't need a fixed layout, and even if they do, it is not too hard to constrain.

Knizia's "Carcassonne: The Castle" cleverly constrains the tile space by laying an outside border which also doubles as the scoring track.
Seafarers (the extension to Settlers) does a similar thing.

If the board is built before gameplay begins, then I would have thought it was relatively easy to ensure that it doesn't grow beyond the pre-defined limits since problems can be seen immediately.

Boards for a tile-placing game

"Zombies" has a board that is created by the laying of tiles, and the few times I have played it, it doesn't seem to have created a problem in terms of table space... it seems to me that for the players to make it a problem, they would have to be collaborating in doing so, and if they do that, they probably deserve to be slapped anyways. :D

Making tiles

I suspect that the real question is what to use to make the tiles.

I'm trying a piece of mat board that I got at an art supply store. 30" x 40" , fairly thick. I'm going to cut it into 1.5" squares.

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Boards for a tile-placing game

Though a bit more expensive than matte board, I use foam core a lot for prototyping tiles and such.

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