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CD and video in non-computer games

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How many games have been published with the documents (such as combat tables and other items that might wear out or be lost, not necessarily the rules) supplied on CD/DVD as well as on paper?

And how many have included a CD/DVD with an instructional video to make it easier for people to learn to play the game?

CDs are cheap, and making basic videos is...well, pretty simple. One way to make non-computer games more attractive is to make them easier to work with and to learn. Using CDs seems obvious to me...

I have never heard of it being used, except in those games that rely on DVD video as part of the game itself (trivia games? identify this video clip?).

Lew Pulsipher

CD and video in non-computer games

One of my friends has been starting to burn video DVDs and cds. One of the problems is that not all DVD players are compatible with VCDs. how ever the idea of printable components and interactive walk thoughts is being done for hobby board games; however they are normally for download on the internet. Examples of this are some companies offer things like score pads and other disposable components for PDF download, or have a flash tutorial where players can learn the game by watching. I think is a good example of this.

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Re: CD and video in non-computer games

For a regular board game, I don't know how well this will work. Personally, I play lots of board games in public game rooms or conventions. I could bring our laptop computer to access a CD-ROM, but it would certainly be a pain in the tuchus.

Granted, there are some games we like to score in Excel, like Yahtzee and Lost Cities. But for the most part, I find that a computer-free board game experience is much easier and more realistic than one with a laptop.

Two exceptions...

There are several homebrew game designers (McGlarton Championship Stock Car Racing and Vanished Planet) that have Flash tutorials or demonstrations of their games. These can really help those with rules questions, or for an example of gameplay.

Also, a simulation with a mammoth rulebook (like Advanced Squad Leader or Starfleet Battles) would probably benefit from hyperlinked, searchable rules. For all I know, they already exist... :)

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