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Manufacturing and Using Microperf Dies

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Who makes these things? Does any vendor you know have microperforation dies in the shape of poker-sized playing cards? The current game card blank co-op project suggests SOMEBODY knows a vendor with such a die.

It seems that most microperf dies are made of steel rule. That stuff seems to snap if you try to force it to round a corner.

Zimmer makes "flexible steel rule" and they said that might end up costing $1000.00+ and might also have some additional problems mounting it on a die press.

Anyone with experience using flexible steel rule dies? Do you need magnets to mount them appropriately?

Lee Valentine

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Manufacturing and Using Microperf Dies

I saw your question over on, but unfortunately don't know anything about it. A English-only Google Search returns a fair number of useful-seeming hits.

BGDF member "gamemaker" might be able to help... he's pretty knowledgeable about all things related to game manufacturing.

-- Matthew

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