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multiple player chess clock

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I’m looking to make a prototype of a board game I’m working on. Each player is given a fixed period of time to make all their moves – much as in a chess match. Does anyone know if a multiplayer chess clock system exists or how you could construct one.

Ideally it could accommodate any number of players (between say 2 and 6). Typically, player A would start the clock, make his move, press a button, which would start player B’s clock and stop his own, he’d make his move, press his button which would start player C’s clock and stop his own and so on. Once a player’s clock had run down there’d be an alarm and his clock would be ‘passed over’.

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multiple player chess clock

The G8 Game Timer can handle up to 8 players. Check it out at


Looks like just the thing. Thanks very much!

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multiple player chess clock

How cool would it be to have a game where after your turn you punch the clock of ANY opponent... not just the next player?

So the more game time is spent on your turn, the more you develop your position (presumably), but the closer you are to running out of time. You have to pay attention because you never know when your turn is next.

I don't know if that fancy clock will accomodate this, but it can be done with a single clock per player, or even a sand timer per player or something like that.

- Seth

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