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Printing thin trivia type cards. Harware/stationary help req

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Im designing a trivia based game and want to self manufacture. I need to be able to print around 300 question cards per game.

On other topics there is alot of information on creating 'thick' poker type cards however i need to create the small thin glossy card (or thick paper) like you find would find in trivial pursuit(R) or similar.

Im prepared to buy the hardware and stationary to print these but im not exactly sure of the type of stationary i need or what printer is required.

Ideally they would be white cards with a coloured heading with black print.

Has anyone got any experience of this? Is possible, practical? Any thoughts welcome.

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Printing thin trivia type cards. Harware/stationary help req

From what I was told by a printer, you will want to look into 2 sided cover stock, in the #90-#110 weight range (not sure what this is in gsm weight).

I recently did some printing on #100 2CS, using a Xerox color copier, and it worked out really well, only down side was cutting (as a side note, I HATE CUTTING!).

My guess would be for you to look into some cover stock and see what you like.

Hope this helps you a little...

Printing thin trivia type cards. Harware/stationary help req

I would just use whatever program you feel comfortable with and print from your color printer onto a good stock of paper. You might want heavyweight paper, but from your description I got the feeling it was something thinner than a normal card. After this get a box of self sealing laminating sheets. You can find at Office Depot and most any other office supply place, I expect. What I use is a brand called GBC SelfSeal that I get at Office Depot. Just get a pack of 9"x12" sheets and apply the film to one side of the printout and then the other side. Trim to the card size. The lamination sheets have one sticky side so they self laminate (no machines required) and they don't need a laminating boarder around the card, like a school ID might. The thickness of the film (3m per side) plus the card will give you a substantial feeling card.

I hope this helps.

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