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Quadfold tutorial

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I am currently in the process of creating my very first boardgame and need help. The size of the art work is 22" by 36.5" so it's going to be a pretty big board. I was thinking that the quad-fold format would probably work best in this situation. I saw a tutorial out there that explains how to make a bi-fold there a quad-fold tutorial out there? I also heard that gutters aren't that true? I have all the materials that the bi-fold tutorial asks for, minus the knowledge. Help!

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Quadfold tutorial

Clicking the word "Search," above, next to "Forum FAQ," and entering "quad," the first link was this one, which describes how to do it.

Based on your dimensions, you may actually want a 6-fold board, to get it down to a manageable 11" x 12" -- because 11" x 18" is a pretty big box, still.

-- Matthew

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