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Shrink Wrap

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Does anyone here shrink wrap their own product? And if so what equipment do you use or recommend?

I currently farm this aspect of producton out to other companies, but am looking into producing very small runs of current and future product. Thus I'm investigating shrink wrapping myself to make it economically feasible.


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Shrink Wrap

The Game Daze store in the mall had a small apperatus for shrink wrapping. Basically a spool of plastic and a wire which you run a current through, then a blow dryer looking thing to blow heat on it. Couldn't have possibly cost very much, but I dunno if that's too small a scale for you or not.

- Seth

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Shrink Wrap

Uline is one of the best online sources for shrink wrapping products.

The least fussy solution seems to be shrink wrap pouches. You just stuff things in the pouch and then hit them with a heat gun. You can probably get setup with this stuff in the $150-$200 range pretty easily. If you use pouches, however, then your game has to conform, at some level to the size of the pouch.

Pouches are super great if you are distributing a mini-game packaged in a VHS video tape box, since they custom make pouches for that size of container.

I strongly recommend acquiring the heat gun and then later getting samples of the shrink wrap you want to use, to make sure that the shrink wrap pouches aren't too large or small.

Keep in mind that heat guns, if used at too high a heat, can damage your product, and that the shrink wrap, well, shrinks, which can cause product deformation if you aren't careful.

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Shrink Wrap

I am working for a book warehouse and we sometimes need to shrink book. First we are using a sealer which is a heaten metalic thread used to cut the plastic and seal it together ( like a plastic bag sealer but bigger). Then we pass it in a small oven with a conveyer belt.

Now the oven is somewhat dead. So we use a heat gun which I think is normally used to remove paint. So you need shrinkable plastic, something to seal it and some heat to shrink it. Maybe a convential kitchen oven could do the job, and if your game is small, a plastic food bag sealer could do the job. So you only need shrinkable plastic.

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