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Small run card deck printing

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I've been following the website for years. The owner likes to do a lot of unusual projects and document them for his website. He also likes to come up with unique ebay auctions.

He has one now for custom cards for apples to apples that he made from scratch, not the a2a laser printer sheets. They look very well done, the auction is at

He works at a print shop and has access to the equipment. I contacted him to ask if he was interested in printing prototype and small run decks and he is.

He'll give me a quote once I answer "Do you know your final size of card, and how many different cards do you envision? Full color on both sides? Do you have computer files for them? .eps or .jpgs perhaps?"

I thought I'd get input from here before replying. How many people are interested (it should be practical to do 5 decks or less).

My answers wold be 2.5x3.5" cards, 50-100 different cards, color on both sides unless B&W on one side makes it a lot cheaper, and my files are in corel draw format. Is there anything else you'd like to see added?

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Small run card deck printing

Hey, great that you're looking into this, thanks!

I only suggest changing the quantity of different cards to 55 to 110, as that's what most of the big-time printers print in (and therefor what I design my games to fit within). I'd wonder about the type of stock (if he could do it on real linen-finished true card stock (stock for cards, not cardstock), it would be heaven). My ideal file format supplied would be PDF, but I could certainly do EPS just as easily. Any corner-rounding available? A single color on one side (whether black or something else) will certainly be cheaper, so it would probably be nice to know both ways.

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Small run card deck printing

I'd be interested in hearing what you find. I'd really love to print about 20-50 decks somewhere for gifts without breaking the bank.

I would most likely use .eps files if that helps any.

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Small run card deck printing


This sounds interesting. For me it would be fine if we could get 55-60 cards in a set. I do most of my games in a multiple of 50-55 cards 55, 110, 160 and so on. In this case I have to order 2 different sets.
Can the cards have different backsides? That would be fine.
Format: PDF.

// Johan

Small run card deck printing

Thanks for looking into this!

If you could, get prices for 2.25 x 3.5 as well as 2.5 x 3.5. Most of my games seem to be coming up as 2.25 x 3.5 since that is more in line with most of the games that are coming out these days (not including CCG, TCG, etc.).

I would agree that the industry standard seems to be PDF for file submission. If he could take that it would be great!

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