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Software for Hex Map Design

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Any recommendations which software to use when designing hex maps?

Have seen several shareware and commerical programs out there, just wondering what board members are using to design their maps?

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Software for Hex Map Design


Software for Hex Map Design

Any other suggestions for software designed to make hex maps?

Programs I

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Software for Hex Map Design

It is also realy easy to use Powerpoint (not a program for hex maps but...)

First create a hex area (there are a predefined hex symbol that can be used (Use snap to object).

The hexarea can be used in two ways.

1. Have it as a layer over a created map (picture from another program or a real map.

2. Update each Hex symbol with a picture inside the picture.

Both ways work. With the first way will a map take me about 10 minutes to create. With the second way the work will take about an hour.

With a Acrobat program (desitiller or the full version) this can then be translated to PDF.

// Johan

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