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Standard Card Game

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I'm not completely sure if im in the right forum, though its been very interesting browsin through it. I've come up with a card game, but not a ccg or anything commercial, its just played with a normal deck of cards, actually deckS. The game's not very complex (at all) but it requires thorough understanding of the rules to play it, so if i could make a software version i'll be jumpin on one foot!! If anyone knows how i should get started or where i should go for further info plz let me know.
i would also post the game in the forum, just not sure which is the appropiate place to do it!


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Standard Card Game

This site is mainly used by designers of actual table top card and board games, not computer software.

But I will try to help you out or get you pointed in the right direction, first how skilled are you at computers? Do you want info to create this software yourself or have it created by someone else?

If you need information about creating the game yourself, you could check out

Not sure where you would find someone to create the game for you, if I had time I would, but I dont really have much time available to do such a task.


Yeh, i've got a clearer idea about this forum now, it's still quite interesting. I was interested in findin how the software could be done by someone else but i also checked out that site, its pretty helpful. I will take years to get started but i'll hang on there!! Thanks

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