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Do I need permission?

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I'm working on a design for a golf board game. If I produce original art which shows the holes of an actual golf course, do I need permission from the course to publish? I've heard that original art of a public facility is freely available for use, but also that some courses are off-limits. Anybody have first-hand knowledge?

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Do I need permission?

I do not know first hand, but I would assume that you might be able to mimic the layout of a course, but the off-limits part would be reuse of the course name. Using the course name will most likely get you a lengthy piece of mail containing a ton of lawyer talk!!

If nothing else I would tell you to look into the various courses that interest you and see if can find any licensing informationon about the course. If you can find info about licensing, you might need to stay away from using that course. Or figure out a way to do licensing, if that is the route you want to go down.

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