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Hi All,

In the USA a game sells for $29.95
The same game in the UK sells for £29.95

This is a BIG difference.

My question is; How much would that same game sell for in euros in mainland Europe ie France Germany etc.

I also have the same question for Australia.
How much would that same game sell for in Australia?
Thanks for your input,


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Before comparing prices, I think you have to check first where the game has been produced. Since some countries can produce game at lower price and there is also the additional shipping fees which can influence the price. Check also if the game is a traduction or republishing of another game. This can also increase the prince ( ex: Descartes who publish Steve Jackson's games )

In the book industry, we were supposed to receive a big shipment of book from France but the ship sunk on the way. So I asked why can't they just send the PDF file by Internet and print it here, so that we won't need a ship. The answer : It is more expensive to produce the book here than produce it in France and ship it here.

As you can see, there is many factor that can make the game twice more expensive on the other side of the planet.

Joined: 12/31/1969

Hey Larienna,

Thank you for your answer.

I think that I must have structured my question wrongly, so please let me try again. I understand why the price of a product varies in different countries.

This is my question, regardless of shipping etc, a game that sells for £29.95 in the USA

For instance settlers of catan how much would that be in;
And then how much would it be in:





Age of MYthology for 599,- Dkr = 98.17 dollars
Axis and Allies for 599,- = 98.17 dollars
Doom Boardgame for 500,- = 81.78 dollars
Geomag for 389,- = 63.75 dollars
Settlers for 225,- = 36.88 Dollars

Please remember that the games are import games, that why they are quite expensive.

Kids games from european producers cost between 125-260 Dkr = 20.50- 42.21 dollars.

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Prices vary in each country also because of different heigts of VAT = Value Added Tax. In Belgium, VAT is 21%, in the Netherlands 19%, other countries have other VAT-rates.

example: VAT = 21% ; If a game costs 29.95 euro, only 24.75 euro goes to the store that sells it (29.95/1.21). The other 5,20 euro goes to the government.

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