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First Game

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Howdy everyone.

I have a boardgame in prototype format that I would love to see published. I would roll in my millions, never need to work again and retire to my own private island! ;-) ...Or alternatively maybe if I got it published by a small company and sold a few hundred copies I could feel proud of myself.
The theme is political...but it's fun, satirical and can potentially be played employing a great deal of strategy. Playtime is about 40 mins.
I've playtested half a dozen or more times with family/friends and the later games have been a riot. The rules are fairly stable now.
So the question (naturally) is where to go from here?
Does anyone know a good company who might consider publishing such a game (I'd rather not have my idea stolen!)
...Or should I try to self-publish and sell it on Saturday market first?

thanks in advance!


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First Game


Congratulation to your game.

If you want to send the game to a publisher then I suggest that you read threw the forum. There are several threads around game companies and how to send in submissions.
Don’t be surprised if your game is rejected. There are so many reason why a also good games are rejected.

If you want to self-publish, the game is not near a status for that. You have tested your game with the family, but that is just the start:
- You need you also need to test the idea (is the theme and game interesting enough so people will buy it).
- You need a review of the rules and the game components (this forum can help you with that).
- The most important thing is that you need around half a dozen blind tests of the game (without rule updates in between).
If you still think that the game is good enough to publish, then you can proceed with the next steps.

// Johan

Joined: 12/31/1969
First Game


thanks for the encouragement and advice. We'll see what happens next!



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