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Games are more expensive in Europe

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Good morning,

I created six totally different board games about twelve years ago, and now we intend to start selling them. The game we are starting with is called “Salvation Challenge” So far we have had a lot of interest in the U.S.A We have travelled from UK to appear on national television in the U.S.A. three times this year to speak about the games.

The game is a Christian Bible game and is quite unique, also it can be personalised for Christian ministries, and next month we are hoping to visit the U.S.A. and take orders (min 5000) from five of the large Christian TV stations.

Having said all of the above I would know like to share my dilemma!

These TV stations broadcast all over the world. This type of game would sell for $30 U.S.A £30 U.K.
£30 is a LOT more than $30
The manufacturing costs are around $6.50

1 What is the equivalent price in Germany in euros?
2. How much should I pitch the game for to these TV people?

I was thinking to pitch it at half of the $30 ……..say about $14.87

Sorry to have gone on!!!!!!!!!! Any advice?


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Games are more expensive in Europe

Euro rate today:

1 USD = 0.8 Euro

30 USD = 23.6 Euro

But when I do a quick calulate, I normally use 1 USD = 1 Euro (the Euro will go down).

// Johan

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Games are more expensive in Europe

Hi John,

I'm not sure what exactly your problem is ... Is it that you don't know what is an appropriate price to set for the US market; or that you don't know what to tell the broadcast stations your price is, given that it'd vary from country to country-?

If it's the former:
Do some market research to see how much similar products (in terms of game components and target market) are going for in the US market.

If the latter:
I fully empathise with your dilemma. Being based "offshore" we also have problems with pricing our products- we can't have one set price for the entire world due to varying logistics/shipping/administrative costs. (So if you visit our website, you'll notice, we refrain from mentioning our price)

I am not sure what your business plan is exactly, but you seem to indicate that these Christian TV stations will be the ones to buy your products. If so, you provide them an MSRP for the US market and let them mark up accordingly if they choose to resell your product in other countries. Thus what they announce on air about the pricing is really up to them. You can, however, advise them on how much your product is successfully selling for in the UK.

However, if these TV stations are merely promotional avenues and you are the one who will be selling directly to the parties in various countries, here are some suggestions:

(1) Get the stations to say "check your nearest retailer for the prices in your country"

(2) Get the stations to say "visit (your website address) to find prices in your country" and you list the prices accordingly.

(3) Get the stations to say "the price is USD XX within the USA. Prices may vary in other countries. Visit (your website address) for more pricing information"

My reply is a little convoluted, but I hope you found a solution swimming around somewhere in there! :)

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Games are more expensive in Europe

Dear Fashun-Diva

I am sorry that I didn't format my question in a more understandable manner, but your answer was most helpful....thankyou.

One of the points I am trying to get an understanding on is this:

A game sells for $30 in the U.S.A.

The same game sells for £30 U.K.

£30 = $55..............$55 is a lot more than $30


How many euros would this same game sell for in mainland Europe?

Thanks again.


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Games are more expensive in Europe

Hi John,

One way to determine this is to compare the prices of a few given games across brick and mortar/ online retailers in various countries.

eg. Memoir '44 (publisher: Days of Wonder)

Funagain Games (USA)- List Price: US$49.95
Sale Price US$34.96

Games Lore (UK)- RRP: £34.99
Price: £31.49

Adam Spielt (Germany)- Price: 44,90 Euro

As prices always do vary from product to product and between retailers, you'll need to check a few products and a few retailers in the each country to identify if there is pricing "rule" you can follow for the various countries.

Having said that, international pricing is not as simple a matter as I make it out to be above- you'll also need to factor in the following which may differ vastly in each country: possible taxes/customs fees you might face, cost of shipping & warehousing the games (esp. if you absorb shipping costs), your target market (and distribution channels) in each country, etc.

Note: I don't claim to be an expert in this area, so take my advice with a huge chunk of salt :)

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