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Indie Game Publishers online community

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Hello all,

Im thinking of trying to start a online community/site where an Indie Game Publisher can post their game product.
The site would be for the individual who has produced their own game by their own means but has no place to promote it. I believe we are at a time when a Indie Game Publisher can produce their own games and make a profit.

The site would be like a co-op in a sense.
A few rules of the site.

1. The members would help each other to promote the games on the site.
2. Each member would be responsible for their own sells by linking it to a paypal account.
3. All game product must be in a finished form.

Please tell me, If there is anything like this on the internet.


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Indie Game Publishers online community

Not to long ago there was run by Arcane Games and listed a doz or more products. Now it only links to their product. I am not sure what happened but there is a void to be filled.

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Oracle offered a similar ervice a while back, you can read a little about it in this thread:

If I recall, although the initial response was good, very few people actually took him up on his offer.

Perhaps if you can provide a lot of the functionality (shopping cart, banner exchange, contact pages, forums, ability to add contenty easily) built in via a good Content Management System, you would have a better time of it.

Good luck! If you do go ahead with it, please let us know so we can make an official partnership with your site.


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