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List of manufacturers (Worldwide). Sticky please?

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I did a search in topic and did not manage to find a list of manufacturers at all. I understand that Veristas had an annontated list but it may not be comprehensive.

In looking at game manufacturing, I am wondering if anyone would like to put together a sticky page with a list of manufacturers. This can be listed by:

1) Country


2) Type of manufacturer (eg: Boardgames, cardgames, etc).

I think this list would help people immensely.

Also, I would like to know if anyone has the contacts of printers in:

1) Germany (the ones that Alea, Amigo, etc use).
2) China (the ones that Z-Man and FFG use).

Thanks in advance.

Shawn Low

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List of manufacturers (Worldwide). Sticky please?

I have a pretty long list of game parts manufacturers and card game manufacturers on my website, but yeah, my list of board game manufacturers is pretty short.


A lot of them are REALLY expensive. In my contacts with Delano, Rehtmyer, and Yaquinto they have been pretty responsive.

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List of manufacturers (Worldwide). Sticky please?


Not sure if you looked already, but there are manufacturers listed in the web resources section of this site.

It is not sorted as you have stated, but you might find something that works for you there. And your sorted option is a great idea that I will write down as a layout option for the wiki site that is being developed.

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