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my game is a variation on a popular game

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i am working on a concept for a game that utilizes some of the rules and concepts from a very popular boardgame (think "Texas Holdem Yahtzee") and am concerned that my only option is to propose the idea directly to the manufacturer of the popular game rather than market it myself.

i think i could tweak the rules enough to make it a wholly independent game that doesnt bear any resemblence to the other game.

the problem is that i think the game is much more marketable if it is connected to the popular game. so while id prefer to design and try to market the game myself, i feel it will stand a better chance of catching on if i just sell the idea to hasbro.

any suggestions?

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my game is a variation on a popular game


I suggest that you complete the design of your game, do all tests and then try to sell the game. After that you contact publishers to describe/sell your game.
The thing that you have a variant or a new generation of an old game will be the publisher's problem if they are interested.

// Johan

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