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Overseas Distribution

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What's the best way to sell RPGs and CCGs overseas? Are their distributors readily available to small companies who sell in overseas markets?

I know a bit about domestic distribution, but I'm ignorant of overseas distributions outside of companies like Random House, etc.

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Check out some consolidators

You'll lose margin, but there are consolidators who sell to distributors. Impressions Advertising ( is one that is in your market.

distribution europe

hi guys,

we are from austria/vienna and distributing boardgames all over german speaking market.
if you have some good stuff, tell us

by peter

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Overseas Distribution


I have a question to throw back at you about the German market.

The fanatic gamers I know will buy German editions of games before they are translated into English and then figure it out from there. Is this the case in reverse in Germany, will German gamers buy English copies or do we need to get a game translated before we can consider getting them into that market?

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Good stuff? Absolutely!

Soccipa, my company (Live Oak Games) is always looking for more distributors. Take a look at our website ( for our two games (Ice Lake and SiegeStones). The retailer section, in particular, has good information. My contact information is at the site (basically, it's sales at live oak games . com).

SiegeStones is a high quality abstract strategy, and Ice Lake is a light hearted themed family strategy game.

- Patrick Matthews
Live Oak Games

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Overseas Distribution

I don't really know how easy it is, but I can say that Military Simulations (used to release games as Jedko ...) in the main Australian distributor (

- Bill

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