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Publishers for serious/controversial game topics?

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This is related to my previous post... I have created a game (actually a few) that have kinda serious overtones to them. Nothing lewd or vulgar or classless. Just a bit too close to home or political maybe for some given recent world events. But its quite fun, challenging and social. Its not something you'll find in Toys R Us basically. So, I'm wondering if anyone has any info on publishers who might go for something a little touchy.


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Publishers for serious/controversial game topics?

Dunno what your game's about, but here might be an example of what to expect:

The game:

The BGG response:

Just something to think about.

Publishers for serious/controversial game topics?

heh, that was interesting. no, mines nothing that bad. its just not typical. i'd probably need an eclectic publisher i think. i found some lists so i'll just have to check out there websites and find some that have atypical games.

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