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Sales and marketing

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A while back there was a news item about a joker who was trying to raise capital for his board game by holding an ebay auction for $15 million, with the winner earning the right to have their picture on the box.

As absurd as this idea sounded, it seems that such things really are done, albeit on a smaller scale. At a consignment sale yesterday, I happened upon a game called "Fuh Gedda Boutit", an eminently forgettable roll-and-move about try to be the best mobster -- I got it for $1.50, simply to scavenge it for parts -- it has a quad-fold 20" board and a couple other pieces I can use.

What was interesting about the game was that is was billed as the "Official Fucillo Edition". For those not in the NY Area, Tom Fucillo owns a huge chain of auto dealerships spanning the entire state (and probably beyond...) Why he would want himself associated with a game about being a mobster, or why anyone would want to buy a game simply because he was on the box is beyond me...

What I guess is interesting is that someone used this marketing strategy, and I don't think I've seen it anywhere else. The game box, board, and play money feature Fucillo-specific art; I found it surprising that the board does, since that makes the board "custom" from game to game, but perhaps the printer was willing to print several runs, each with a different set of text in the "custom" spaces. At any rate, clearly this is a way to get a game financed, which perhaps might be of interest to folks trying to figure this out...


Sales and marketing

the problem with doing something like this is that it makes you look like a joke. In an industry in which a name or the box might be the only thing to sell a game this seems like the worst possible way to publish or get published.

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