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Self-publishing numbers

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Does anyone care to share the number of games you sold using self-publishing? Of course, any mistakes or luck you encountered along the way would be beneficial to all...

I am just wondering what the realistic sales of a game would be if I designed and self-published a game using various methods....toy fairs, game conferences, internet sales, knocking on the doors of local toy and game stores.

Naturally, it depends on the kind of game and my marketing and sales ability, etc. but for arguments sake let's say I have an unlicensed product that is not a spin-off or just like something else already on the market(as licensing would most likely be cost prohibitive for a solo self-publisher). And that I am as effective (or ineffective) as everyone else (I am no Don King).

Self-publishing numbers

I make mine as i go right off my pc. Print it off on full sheet labels and stick it to a piece of 1 /4 mdf wood. Keep the packaging simple using plastic bag with a piece of cardstock stapled over the opening. This is also printed off my pc. This way I can change anything I want as i go. I have about 800 or so out there somewhere but I wish i would get feedback(lol)

I chose this route because I don't want to lose money. it's more of a hobby but ya never know.

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