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Name for "Humanitarian Aid" game...

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I couldn't find the thread- what happened to the CGD Sideboard?

I found a good name for the Humanitarian Aid/Disaster Relief game...


And it's a lot easier to say (and type).

- Seth

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Name for "Humanitarian Aid" game...

In passing, I thought I'd note that "Terra", a new-ish small box game from Bruno Faldutti, is based around a similar premise (if somewhat more generic than we were discussing.)
Various crises occur, and players have to combine to avert disaster, but you "win" by holding back enougn points. However, if you don't do enough, the world falls apart and everyone loses.
(Indeed, this is rather like the mechanic I am working on for "Heist" too!)

It's good to see that the idea wasn't completely impossible to develop...

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Name for "Humanitarian Aid" game...

Yes, I heard about "Terra." It's interesting, in reading the game, it sounds night-and-day different from the game I was proposing. However, the thematic similarity, and the idea of giving some of the profits away to charity, probably means that another game based on humanitarian aid would inevitably be accused of "ripping off" Terra. Which is a shame, because I think there's ample room for a good game in this genre, whether or not Terra is any good (in reading the rules it sounds "ok", but maybe someone who's played can comment more intelligently on whether it's any good or not). But, it probably won't be something I'll put on the front burner for quite some time. Too bad.


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