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Board games based on Platformers?

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I've been looking into finding one to try out, but haven't had much luck. Does anyone know of a good game that simulates a platformer?

What really even makes a good "platform" board game anyway?

let-off studios
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Donkey Kong, Abe Lincoln

The only board game I recall being based on a platformer is Donkey Kong.

You can start the video at the 1:40 mark to check out the game mechanics.

Here's a game that's apparently "inspired by" platformers and old-skool video games: Pixel Lincoln:

...I suppose the good news is that the field for creating good games based on platformers is wide open. :)

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Check out this game...

It's on The Game Crafter (TGC) but I believe they had a successful Kickstarter (KS) too:

Here is the KS link too:

It's as you put it a Retro Platformer transformed into a "Board Game". I don't know how good the game is - but it never the less suits your search criteria (I believe).


Note: BTW the game is called "Inglorious Space"...

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Punch-Out: The Card Game

Way back to my high-school years (over 25 years ago), I had designed a card game for the game "Punch-Out" (a NES cartridge game). I finished the design of this COOL GAME and I remember having it stored safely away (and someone stole it)...

The game relied on a 52 Deck of Standard Poker cards. And just like the NES version, each battle you would fight another character just like the game.

While I don't remember much about how the game was designed (I had wrote it down in a stupid notebook - F- I'm pissed someone stole it...) But the game was pretty cool and actually FUN to play.

Anyways that was my attempt at a different kind of "platformer" which was GOOD way back so many years ago!


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What experience to capture?

I wonder which aspect of a platformer game experience makes the best game...

Conceptually you are progressing levels and making risk decisions to pursue higher scores.

The typical narrative has levels thinly drawn towards an ultimate objective. Level completion is celebrated/challenged by a boss level.

The player experience is mastering skills and solving/learning challenge/monster archetypes.

As a competitive game, it's typically a "best my xxx statistics" comparison. It could probably be seen as a race game with some end game scoring around objectives.

It's likely most attempts are pandering to an 8+ market and emphasizing IP uberall.

A variant of Magic Maze's mechanic could make a fascinating cooperative platformer (actaully Magic Maze itself, is probably the closest I've played that felt like the most like mastering a new video game.)

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Check out Boss Monster. It's

Check out Boss Monster. It's not based on a video-game platformer, but the game plays and has the layout of a platformer (as well as a matching theme).

Each player is a Boss Monster of their own dungeon. They lay dungeon rooms, linearly, to attract heroes to their dungeon, where they hope to kill the hero. The first player to have killed 10 heroes wins.

It's a super simple game. It's pretty fun, but can get old quickly.

However, this may be just what you are looking for. It's definitely a "platformer" tabletop game.

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