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Halloween PnP Release: Operation GHOSTS

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Hey all, been a while since I've been active. Between the Cards of Cthulhu expansion a while back, the day job these days and side projects all along I haven't been all that active.

But I wanted to let you guys know that I'll be releasing a small free solitaire Print-And-Play game on Halloween day called "Operation: GHOSTS"

The player will take on the role a Black Ops unit on haunted grounds. The spirits will be exploiting their own psyche to drive them mad or worse.

Just wanted to give a heads up in case anyone is interested.


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Operation: GHOSTS

Sounds cool, Ian! Are you going to post a link here, or will it be available at a website/BGG/etc.?

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All of the above. I'm going

All of the above.

I'm going to have a link to my own webpage with the game files, but I'll have a link here, my thread on the Cards of Cthulhu board at BGG, my twitter etc.

I'm probably also going to try and get an actually BGG page up for it, though I'm not sure what that entails. Think they allow PNP games, but I'm not sure.

Once it's up, feel free to spread it anywhere you think may enjoy it.

The biggest reason I posted this early is to make sure I can't chicken out on Saturday. People are counting on me now!

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Now that the clock has struck

Now that the clock has struck twelve you shall all know true fear. It's not the creatures that bump in the night but the ones that live in your own heart.

The things you regret, the mistakes you've made, the people you've hurt. These are the greatest weapons the spiritual world can use to gain control over your life.

Do you have what it takes to keep your squad alive for three days in these haunted lands?!ghosts/dvkfl

Thanks again for all your support. You guys mean the world to me and I hope you enjoy this little Halloween gift.

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Just realised that this whole thread was in the Spanish sub-section on the forums.


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