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Kickstarter help

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Joined: 04/02/2017

I just launched my Kickstarter a few days ago and have been offered help by half a dozen companies that claim they can increase the views of my page. Are they worth it/

The Odd Fox
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Help from Edo

This is something you should watch

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Probably not. Many of these

Probably not. Many of these companies can get you more of what you want, but often violate terms, which you then have to deal with.
Take the attitude of- "Do I want to pay someone to trash my name?"
Whenever you get these and wonder about the company, here are 2 quick things to do-
1. Visit their site and read. Does it make sense? Are they teaching you how to do what they do? Is there any ACTUAL information, or just talk?
2. Search their name followed by 'scam' or something similar. Read what people have to say about these companies and you quickly learn how they operate.

Run a web store and you get this stuff weekly. Most offering their services can't spell, don't know grammar or punctuation.
In a website sense; yes, I can get you onto google's first page.....but after they ding you for violations, it will take you 1-2 years to drag yourself back to the spot you were before.

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Not Worth It

Definitely not worth it. Think about it, they're only offering you help now after your Kickstarter has launched, after some people have already back or expressed an interest in it, and if your Kickstarter isn't successfully funded, then what? You'll still have to pay them.

Most of these so called PR companies piggyback on the marketing you've already done to gain interest in your Kickstarter and will often times either say their marketing helped get you your newer backers although those backers would've backed anyway and it had nothing to do with the PR firm (friend had this happen where PR person told him "look at all the new backers I got you!" and it turned out that most of those new backers were actually his friends and family and it had nothing to do with that service) or they violate terms which could be 100x more damaging to you than if you didn't fund.

Even if 1 in the million were actually good, I wouldn't risk it.

I Will Never Gr...
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As already said ..

No. 1000 times no. Just ignore them. Every single Kickstarter content creator receives dozens, if not hundreds of "offers" once they've launched (I have even received them months after cancelling my campaign!) and none of them are value options.

It's spam, pure and simple.

One to note as well, if you are contacted by a "Golden Bell Studios" about "WOW! Just Wow! (insert rest of form letter about loving your game and wanting to sign you on to publish here)", ignore and/or run from that as well. They have sent the same letter to dozens (again, if not hundreds) of people looking to sign on games under their banner for HORRIBLE terms (including, but not limited to, taking ownership of any/all future designs you create AND your own company as well as fronting you the money to go to conventions (of their choosing) to promote the game after which you must reimburse them however much they paid (which is also out of your control) AND only offering a small % of net profit rather than the typical gross sales, which is just bad bad bad).

The Professor
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Just echoing the same refrain

I've run/been involved with a few KS projects during the past six years and I/we received about two dozen e-mails the day of the launch and then even more over the next few weeks. It's NOT worth your time or your treasure. Stay away!

Tony Zhang
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Joined: 12/29/2016
Maybe consider cooperation

If someone or all party is interested your design or invention,and are willing to increase the views of your page, you think it as following:
1, No payment until successful KS campaign.
2, Adopt very reasonable price and payment by instalments.
3, Talking about profit proportion to share with them after successful KS campaign.

Good Luck!

Tony Zhang
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Manufacturing and costing help from Lijia Game

Here is the site you maybe use for manufacturing information!

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