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Too much content?

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Here is what I have :

Creature = Experience points (ex. Imp = 2 , Lava Golem = 8)

( X ) Experience required to level up (ex. Level 4 = 6xp)
( X ) Experience required to level increases 2 each level (ex. Level 5 = 8xp)

Skills have a Level requirement, as well as stat requirement. So, dual wield might require Level 5, + 8 strength.

Each time you level, you can learn a new skill if you meet the prerequisites for that skill.

Each time you level, you also get 3 stat points to spend. Character stats include : Strength, Spirit, Dexterity, Health, Charisma and Will Power. Each of which is used/tested quite often in the game.

There are tokens to represent Experience, (2,4,6). I also have stat sheets to keep track of your level and stats. Each stat has a row of boxes that you put an "X" in for each point you add, up to the max.

I've play-tested it and it works fine, but is this too much content to keep track of?

I could easily simplify things by giving each class a set value for each stat, while eliminating strength and spirit as they were only used for skills.

As well as not having a Stat requirement for skills, and only a level requirement.

The only thing is that in doing that is If you are level 4, and can't learn your next skill until 7, you gain nothing for the next 2 levels. Is that ok?

Or perhaps eliminate only Strength and Spirit stats?

I don't want to overwhelm players with too much content, but I don't want to simplify things so much that it plays too simply.

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Target Audience?

Sounds a lot like the world of warcraft boardgame. And many people play that. So whether its too much content is who your target audience is. Light gamers will feel overwhelmed, whereas heavier gamers will be underwhelmed.

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seems fine to me

actually it seems simpler than my game, so I doubt people will be overwhelmed, and i really wanted to point out this: both your game and my game reward 3 stat points at level up lol.

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I guess it all depends on how

I guess it all depends on how it is being tracked. Are you using a peg board, or a character sheet, or something else? Is there a limited number of skills? Is it classed based? How do you record the skills?

I can think of RPG's that are less complicated, many are not mind you. If you can provide a simple method of tracking the changes nothing is too onerous.

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