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2DX system idea

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I just had an idea lately for combat system similar to axis and allies.

If you have a game with many units of the same kind, instead of rolling 1 die for each unit can counting hits, you roll 2 dice and set aside the dice that hit. Then if you score:

If for example you rolled for 5 units:

2 hit: all your unit hits. 5 attacks
1 hit: half your unit hits, round up: 3 attack
0 nit: no unit hits.

If you only have 1 unit, scoring 1 hit will make it attack because it's round up. So a unit alone has more chance to hit.
if you only have 1 unit, you only roll 1 die ( I think that is better)

The goal is to reduce the number of dice to roll. Rolling 2 Dice for a whole group average the odds out much better than rolling 1 die for the whole group.

What do you think?

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Avoiding rouding

It sounds like it would work.
The granularity of combat results is quite high, but it is offset by the smaller number of dice required.
One idea to avoid the rounding up/down issue is to say that each dice that "hits" means all your units hit.

If for example you rolled for 5 units:

2 hit: all your unit hits twice. 10 attacks
1 hit: all your unit hits: 5 attack
0 hit: no unit hits.


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