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Any games with rock-paper-scissors-like mechanics?

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I'm doing some research for a design and can't really find games that incorporate rock-paper-scissors (rps) into their main mechanics.
If you have any games or resources to find similar games, I'd be grateful if you'd jot it down!

Have a great day and good luck out there!


let-off studios
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Research, my Dear Drion

I'll start you off with a few easy ones.

I did a brief search on Board Game Geek, and immediately saw three different ones, which incorporate "RPS" in their name.

Also: Pokemon. You might have heard of it somewhere.

Also: Morra. This is a couple thousand years old. Here's a reddit post that goes into it a bit (along with other RPS based games):

The following are analyses and critique of a couple RPS games out there, which may be useful for your design process.

(Gamasutra happens to be one of my favourite websites to read for game design, by the way, but maybe I'm biased because I enjoy designing video games as well.)

Hope these resources are useful. :)

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In BGG advanced

In BGG advanced search

Under the game mechanics expandable link, you can select rock paper scisor.

It gave me 7 pages of results, so it's pretty common.

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Football Strategy

Football Strategy is basically a complicated version of rock-paper-scissors, with the choices being different offensive plays or defenses.

There are a few football-themed games which use this mechanic.

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It also depends if you

It also depends if you actually want people to shake their hands and play real rock paper scissor to resolve conflict.

Or if you want it as a mechanics. Like for example, a trick taking game where there are inteaction works like Rock Paper Scisor. For example, in Dungeon Quest, the combat cards works as RPS.

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rps is a simple loop to add

rps is a simple loop to add in more units means you must extend the loop.

another method is to have a tiered system. a weak unit is beaten by every tier above and can beat every unit below. the top tier unit would be over powered by this so the bottom tier is can beat it. a>b>c>d and d>a. (compared to a>b>c>d>a).

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