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Bust mechanic...should it be unalterable?

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In my dice roller game, I have a bust mechanic. I also have lots of cards that can manipulate the dice. Being a push your luck game, do you think that if you "bust" on a roll, you can still use your cards (with dice-modifying events) to avoid the bust? or should the push your luck be exactly that on the bust-- "un-mitigatable?" At this time, the cards do require spending a resource (some spends are higher than others depending on the amount and control of manipulation. I am too close to this one to decide which I prefer. Part of me wants it un-mitigatable. Part of me wants to use the cards for their very mitigate the luck...otherwise what's the point of the cards?

As always, thanks for your responses.


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My thought process is that if you can save yourself with Cards, then it should be even greater odds of having the appropriate cards to save yourself, and by using those cards if may cost more than just starting over and trying to catch back up with everyone else. This way the player who actually gets themselves into this situation may have that one in a million card set up, and be even more lucky causing a truly memorable moment.

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Why not increase the cost to "Save" from a bust

I lean toward being able to save yourself from a bust. But if it's the same cost as a normal roll, it does seem cheap to the other players. Can the cost be doubled on a bust roll? Or cost + a fixed amount?

I don't know if thematically it fits, but that seems like the obvious compromise to the problem.


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