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mechanics of a unique objective

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I have created this board game about Greek Mythology. The objective of the game is to fully populate three ancient cities of Greece while maintaining them and fighting others to gain a city territory. Population increases to full capacity over the course of time.

There are sea vessels, god cards, hero cards, artifact cards, and "newly added" mission cards. Because the game is not an annilhilation game, we are finding that turtling occurs and battles are sometimes a cat and mouse game (e.g. If I fight, it leaves me vulnerable to other players to attack me on my departed city) that could go on forever.

I have resorted to mission cards for each play over the course of four rounds to give each player a minor objective, usually a battle or build a shrine. If this private mission is not complete, there are consequences for that player. Things get complicated when players react to their own mission and foil the original intent of another players mission.

It gets more complicated when 4 players are playing. I like my main objective, but how do I encourage battle without turtling and the cat and mouse effect? Remember, aside from dice, this game should be a strategy game

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Is it possible to separate

Is it possible to separate the defense of the cities from the military forces needed to go out into the rest of the world? Perhaps they could build up some sort of "walls" or other stationary defense structures that would free up units to be able to leave without feeling vulnerable?

The only way I've found to stop turtling (without odd-feeling rules) is to make it a less desirable position than the alternative. If the game goal requires that players explore outward from the city ... perhaps to retrieve some sort of artifact from another place ... *and* they can do it in a manner that won't be giving the store away while they are gone ... then good players will see the best course of action is outward.


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Money How it works

Well lets say if you won the battle you Got Xdollers which you could spend on buying a god card or some more troops it won't fix it but it will help

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Game Mechanic

Could you make it so the speed of increase of population in your cites depends upon the amount of land you own (ie the food supply)? Therefore you need to expand your land area to increase your rate of population growth. If you make it so there isn't enough land for everyone to be at the maximum increase rate it will force conflict.
You will need to ensure that the risk to the player of damaging his game position by attacking does not usually outweigh the benefits of gaining the extra area and is a strategic calculation. This could be possibly partly done by giving owned areas an intrinsic defense factor eg like the walls idea mentioned above.

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mechanical help

If I read your post correctly, attacking out from your base city leaves you vulnerable and this creates some sort of cascade effect that not only prevents strategic progress, but winds up grinding the game to a halt.

Is that close?

So - here's a simple solution. Give it a try.

Once your base city is established, put in some sort of rule where you can either create a GARRISON FORCE [that can never leave the city] or that allows you to create instant Garrison Levys by discarding resources when attacked [like various cards you are holding]. Perhaps you could add a Garrison Levy Factor onto each card for just that purpose? That would prevent your opponents from knowing what you've got protecting that city.... and instead of losing the city, perhaps all you need to lose are other cards?

Just sayin'. :)

Be sure to let us all know if this thing ever sees the light of day!

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So - was that helpful to you at all?

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