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Spring Fever the game

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I am a student working on a class project. We are developing a board game, and this is what we have so far (see attached pdf). Basically, we need help figuring out the flaws in the game. We've tested it briefly and it seems to work, but there are too many pieces needed. We wanted to keep it as simple as possible, and as quick as possible. We want a game that can be completed in a few minutes max.

We have no experience with game mechanic design, and are not board gamers ourselves, though some of us do play video games.

Basically it is similar to the game of life, I suppose, based on cellular automata, with competing rabbit breeds trying to cause other rabbits to overpopulate. I think we are going to use a hex grid instead of an irregular pentagonal grid like on the pdf file to simplify the creation of board and pieces.

There seems to be some inconsistencies in theme, that we can't quite put our fingers on.

Any suggestions or help with smoothing out the rules and figuring out a way to limit the number of pieces on the board are very welcome.

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Best Guess

It's difficult to form an opinion without actually playing but I like what I read and I'm probably missing something but I fail to see that game pieces would be a problem.

If I was to guess I would say that with more than 2 players making tactical decissions gets difficult however and the game becomes more about random chain reactions.

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baby rabbits

So baby rabbits can't produce on the turn they are placed. But, on the next turn, if a rabbit is placed adjacent to a newborn rabbit, does it then reproduce? (the newborn from the previous turn) If that is the case, do all the other adjacent rabbits then start reproducing with the newborn as well?

That's the only rule that isn't clear to me. Other than that, it looks like a fun short game that isn't too complicated!

Now when you ask if there's too many pieces, do you mean different kinds of pieces, or you mean too many of the same pieces to eventually cover the board?

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There is no chain reaction,

There is no chain reaction, the rabbits only cause reproduction once. Of course they can be forced to reproduce multiple times.

What I mean by too many pieces, is that inevitably the board will be covered with hexagonal tiles. We am trying to limit this somehow. This would not be a problem on the computer obviously but for a board game it becomes a problem, especially if it's played as a drinking game. (hey, we're in college)

We are thinking perhaps of adding some complexity with predator cards or tiles that can remove tiles from the board.

The way we are testing it is just with colored markers on a hex-tiled piece of paper.

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