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Ancient oracular theme

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I've had the idea for awhile of developing a game with the theme of an ancient oracle which players would visit during the course of the game, but don't have much more than this right now. The oracle would be a highlight, but not the sole or even a major part of the game. This oracle would, in fact, be somewhat risky to visit, as she could forewarn of negative, as well as positive, events. Another aspect of the game would be favors earned by sacrificing or prayers made to specific deities (similar to the new game Cyclades), but with a somewhat darker theme and more complex mechanics.

Any further ideas on how I could elaborate this basic theme are welcomed. TIA

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Ancient oracular theme

I have created a game on just that theme.

Each player represents the oracle of a particular city. A line of cards representing good and bad events (positive and negative scores) are placed on the table. Players take turns to either place cards representing the four player cities under those events or to activate an event. When an event is activated the cards under that event are shuffled and one is picked at random. The score is applied to the city, and a positive score is given to the player whose card it is (i.e the person who 'predicted' that the event would take place).

Whilst I have written the rules I have never playtested it, so will be interested in what you come up with.

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Perhaps a civilization is

Perhaps a civilization is taken in catastrophe, and is on the downfall. The only way to save your civilization is to gain the gods favor by offering them sacrafices and prayers.

Your citizens can be used for the various action; from sacraficing to collecting riches for the Gods.

Whichever player pleases each god the most recieves the specific advantage that god gives, ranging from more citizens to immunity from the next catastrophe.

The Oracle can be visited to find out what the next catastrophe will be, but your civilization will take a much greater hit if you fail to prepare adaquitly for the catastrophe.

The player with the last civilization standing wins.

Some general ideas that just popped into my head; makes me want to make this type of a game.

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