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A dice support app to any game

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Yesterday, I was searching for a dice app on my Iphone that could support my game. Or at least, make it easier. And it had to be an "offline" app. So, not using a website.

My goal was to design the custom dice that I want to use. Amass.
And roll.
And remove dice by the rules.

It turns out that no apps allow custom made dice.
Only one app allowed for over a hundred dice. While not needed that much perse. But that app lacked sorting and stuff.

I know of a couple of guys that could make the app that I need. But they are each hesitating. Of course there should be public demand. Would people want such an advanced app? That would expand on users demand?

Knowing this community often uses custom made dice. What would you like to see in this app?

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Someone on bgg made an app

Someone on bgg made an app for Android that allows custom dice a while ago:

There is a link from that thread to a post that mentions two similar apps for iOS (that I never tested or looked closer at):

So there definitely are some apps for custom dice, but I do not know if any of them also handles the other things you needed.

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Well. I have given it a try.

Well. I have given it a try. What I like about the first link. Is that you can hold dice from rerolling. The custom option is a bit hard to understand. Other apps have the making of custom dice easier. But then the rolling itself is clumsy. It also is missing an help etc. But nevertheless in my top 3 at the moment.

Second link. Will explore later.

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Still looking for an app?

Are you still looking for an app? There's an Android app that allows up to 6 custom dices, each with possible values between 0-99, and you can hold dices from re-rolling:

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Well....No.Anydice has a 1


Anydice has a 1 time roll function. No graphics. But it allows you to roll an entire battle.
And I am using that one ever since this topic.
It only requires some understanding in its language.

I think that programmers of new apps could learn a thing or 2 from any dice. And then translate it into something fancy.

But thanks anyway. I will give it a try.

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