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Idea: Vampire Survivor: the deck building game

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The idea stuck me right before going to sleep while discussing that unlocking more weapons and items thin the probability to spawn ... like a deck building. Then the ideas kept coming and I had an hard time trying to sleep (Proving that creativity is a curse). The concept is pretty straight forward and it implements most of the video game's mechanics via deck building. Here are the core mechanics ideas:


There is 3 deck, the monster deck, and the player deck and the market deck.

You flip a certain number of cards from the monster deck each turn. You must defeat them with the cards in your hand. Defeated monsters goes into your discard pile, undefeated monsters make you lose HP.

A "Stage" will stack cards in different ways. On the first trier, there might be like 10 cards, shuffled. You flip 2 cards per turn. Once the deck is depleted, a new stack of stronger monster is created and now you will flip 3 cards per turn, then 4 , etc until the end of the stage or until you die.

Your character will determine which starting cards you have in your deck. Like any other deck building game, cards you purchase goes into your discard pile.

There are 2 type of cards you can purchase: Weapons, allow attacking enemies, Support items, give special ability for the duration of the turn, or maybe longer.

There will be a market of 3-5 cards to purchase like in Star Realms

You can discard monster cards from your hand as EXP to purchase new items in the market.

You could discard a matching pair of card (weapon + item)to get access to more powerful special weapons.

If you defeat a mini-boss, you get a chest and flip 1-3 market cards you get for free.


I am not sure if that idea could be rethemed into something else. It has some similarities to dungeon delver. I intended to make a solo game, but a coop game is another possibility.

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I had an idea about this "concept"... call it

questccg wrote:
The Master: Dracula

I think this sounds like a better name... Darker more ominous and more POWERFUL.

larienna wrote:
...Then the ideas kept coming and I had an hard time trying to sleep (Proving that creativity is a curse).

I have pills for that. If I can't sleep, I take a tiny non-habit forming pill and I fall asleep within 15 or so minutes. Speak to your General Practitioner (GP - eg. Doctor). It's called Ativan and it helps relax the mind so that you can fall asleep without feeling trapped that you CANNOT sleep.

larienna wrote:
...Vampire Survivor: the deck building game

I think "The Master: Dracula" a Bloody Damned Experience in Deck Building seems more appropriate! Ha ha.

"Vampire Survivor" makes me think of "Shin Megami Tensei" on the Nintendo DS: "Devil Survivor"... Hmm... Maybe your ARKHAM HORROR concept could be like this concept and they are trying to SET FREE "Dracula" (instead of awakening the Ancient One or Cthulhu, etc.)

Maybe you've got a series of COMPATIBLE ideas for a new kind of Vampire Experience... Cheers.

Note #1: About sleeping... I find if I go to bed BEFORE 23h00, I usually can fall asleep pretty easily. But afterwards it can be sometimes harder and go until like 2h00 or 3h00 in the morning. The pill helps me because I can take it a 1h00 and fall asleep pretty quickly. Speak to your Doctor... I know what it is like NOT sleeping... Happens to me too.

Like waking up every 1-hour or so... And not feel like you are getting ANY kind of actual sleep. Or just tossing and turning and feeling like you are NOT getting any sleep even when the alarm clock says the opposite.

Good sleep is like a healthy diet. Essential to being happy IMHO!

let-off studios
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I suspect this game started with the inspiration from Vampire Survivors, a video game. So that might be why it's named as such, and the mechanics and gameplay loop are set the way they are.

I never played it, but I'd heard from those who have, it's a lot of fun and so addictive, "it's like crack lol."

Seems like it could be a tidy, quick-playing solo experience. Best of success to you, larienna! :)

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I won't get deep in the sleep

I won't get deep in the sleep issue, I read a lot on the subject and I work in a psychiatric hospital. I am using biphasic sleep when I don need to wake up in the morning. It seems like the only solution that works. But I would need to eventually work on night shift to be compatible with my work.

Vampire Survivor it actually a indie video game inspired by Castlevania. It's basically a game where you walk around in a stage swarming with monsters and your character auto attacks (no buttons required). You collect XP, gain level select new weapons or items.

As time progress, the monsters becomes more powerful, but you can also become very powerful if you gear up upgrades correctly and kill enough monster in time. Else, your level will en up behind and you'll have problems surviving.

So the deck building mechanism seems to simulate well that snowballing progression.

A re-theme idea I had could be that you are a battlemage building up power to destroy swarms of monsters.

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