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A Mission: Help me pinpoint the desirable elements of my game.

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I started my latest project the wrong way: "I want to develop a 'fun' fleet based game!"

With no vision and no idea what fun would be I started my monstrous project and dove head first into the details. After a long time (too long) just tweaking the mechanics and refining the rules I found that each time I took a step back and thought of what I wanted the game to feel like, I got closer to that illusive fun element. After my best (3rd) total redo I feel like a have a much better sense of direction and purpose for my creation. I have decided now to create a mission statement before moving any further and I would love your input. So if you would be so kind (and thus far you have) to read my mission statement below and comment on these thoughts

---Does this seem like a game you would want to play?
---Are there other concepts you would want in a game of this sort?
---Are there any concepts you would want to eliminate?
---If these goals are accomplished would the game seem unique?

Thanks again


1. [Title] will simulate conflict between many different fleets of ships in the solar system on a large strategic scale.

2. [Title] will predominately use incomplete and hidden information to create tension based on the unknown actions and intentions of other players.

3. [Title] will use simple, intuitive mechanics to deliver the anxiety related to determining the location and strength of enemy forces, while keeping player decisions at a manageable level. Player turns will last approximately 2-6 minutes, and include a low level of randomness from the game system itself.

4. [Title] will be asymmetrically balanced, with each player choosing a race with different yet balanced abilities. These abilities will include a monetary economy; however the scope of this economy will be limited to military endeavors.

5. [Title] will at times motivate players to form short term mutually beneficial alliances.

6. [Title] will leave players with the impression that their decisions effect governments and peoples during a time of great conflict. Players will deal with the immediate and necessary decisions facing a Commander-in-Chief during a time of crisis, and not all the details of a people.

7. Victory in [Title] will be determined by who among the said leaders can first sufficiently accomplish the agendas of their people and progress their position with no player elmination.

8. [Title] will last less than 180 minutes and will best accommodate 4-6 players. (with 150 min and 2-6 players as an ideal goal)

---I feel most but not all of these issues have been accounted for, but I'm trying to prioritize them in case two prove incompatible.

Thanks in Advance
Eric M

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Looks like a good set of

Looks like a good set of design goals, to me.

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I love the design goal of

I love the design goal of keeping all players engaged until the end of the game. It's even better if your agenda is mostly kept secret, so that players would be aware of who was in the lead, but not how close he was to winning.

An idea to add customizability to the game could be that in in the beginning players draw/choose cards with a racial boon/agenda. This way players won't immediately know what the other players are after and will have to glean the info through play or some other meta mechanic (capturing an opposing ships crew let's you look at one of that players cards)

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