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New game idea

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Mechanics- Limited Worker Placement, Resource Management

I had an idea for a game, in which players are Mining gems, shipping them on boats, and selling them to customers. The board is divided into 3 parts: the mines the ocean, and the mainland.

The only actions possible on the mines side of the board are: Mine- Take gems from 2 different mines. Strip Mine- Take all the gems from 1 mine. Mines will have 1, 2, or 3 gems in them. When you mine gems, they go directly onto your boat.

When you use the ship action, you take your boat to the other side of the ocean and put all the gems on it into your storehouse. Your ship start with 4 spaces for gems and workers don't take up this space when they are taken across the ocean, as that is the only way to take them from 1 side to the other.

To sell to a customer, you need to have the required gems in your storehouse, then you return the gems to the supply and take the customer. Customers give VP, more workers, more space on your ship, and gems that go directly to your storehouse.

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Your game sounds a cross

Your game sounds a cross between splendor and imohotep. You may want to look at both those games to see how the implement parts of your game.

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hi. this could be fun, i

hi. this could be fun, i presume there are conditions/restrictions on what can be sold or mined to give it strategy.
i am not sure why you have the boat phase though. is it just to break up the action, or as a way to have more gems on the board at any given time? you could have the storage restriction in the warehouse and ditch the boat section.

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