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Rugby League or Rugby Union game.

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I am posting to find any other australians who have a desire to help with some game play elements for a rugby league BOARD game I have been working on. The main reqirement you'd need is a good understanding of the game here in OZ.

I see many possibilities but also a fair few problems that need to be worked on.

Has anyone ever made a successful American Grid Iron BOARD Game ? Or to you knowledge has anyone tried ? I know all these games are available on computer systems so thats a fair share of the market that would be most difficult to crack.

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I'm an American ex-rugger,

I'm an American ex-rugger, and tried making a game out of Rugby League once. Oddly enough, my sport of choice is Aussie Rules now (I play competitively for my local Bay Area team), so I probably have a deeper understanding of "football" throughout the world than most people.

I'd be willing to playtest/help.

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this . . .

. . got me thinking tonight at work about a game based on american football.

I don't really have anything more to say than that at the moment.



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Good to hear from you both.

I am sure we will come up with something pretty unique and excellently playable working together.

Though Grid Iron is a very differnt game many of the ideas will fit both styles.

Ill send you a pdf or word doc on what my ideas are at the moment,
Draft one!
As a quck started 5their is a salary cap as to how much a club can spend on buying players for the season. Each player would have stats on their abilities, Forwards are tougher, wingers are faster, halfbacks and centeres are highly skilled in completetingn plays and passing, though their toughness is weak. Fullbacks are fantastic kickers as are half backs and captains.

So you would have a couple of million to sighn up players for the season and this could be done/managed in different ways, for one shuffling the cards and dealing out 13 player cards to each player.
They could be allowed to reject 4 or 5 players and ask for another 4 or 5 cards. tHENN THEY HAVE TO LOOK AT THE COSTS OF EACH PLAYERS AND SEE IF THEY HAVRE NOT GONE OVER 5THE SALARY CAP.

tHERE BWILL BE A FAIR BIT OF DICE THROWING , like if a try is scored you use your best kicker for the 3 point gold post kick, your best kicker may have a + 4 to his kick ability.

If A hughe forward is making a run up the middle and a little half back or centre tries to tackle him their will be a die roll to see if his power gets him bustingn through as their rolls may not havre been good enough to stop him.

Ill stop here and write a more complete document for you guys to read.

Thanks for you offers ofc help,


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cardboard counters verus figures

If we get this game highly playable, I intent to have the miniture figures made by another company.

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ps More info

The salaary cap is actually for then whole year, but this does not mean we cannot jhave a salary cap for a single game.
If it vbecvame popular then each player woiuldn choose a team to play,
probablly take a few weeks for all teams to play each other but we coiuldn possibly consider having evrery team that lost immediatly knocked out of then competition.
And players can trade witjh other teams for releasing that league player from his contract and joingingn the new team.
Having each game a knockout of the comp for the loser would get the game to the Grand Final much quicker


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Rugby Union Miniatures

Some really cool rugby miniatures available from this site - could be useful

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I'm in NSW and have a very good understanding of NRL, even though I watch more AFL. I'd be happy to try to help if you have anything you get stuck with.

I actually just signed up for this forum because I am investigating the possibility of creating a sophisticated board game based on AFL. Looking over this thread, we seem to have very different design focuses. For example, your game appears to simulate in detail actual match play, and be suitable for a large group of players who can play a full league, or 2 players who want to play a match. In contrast, I'm trying to make a game that can be played by 3-5 players and be finished (complete league) in one sitting (2-4 hours). Also, you've said your game will use a lot of dice rolling, whereas I am trying to create a game without a random element, or with a very minor random element. However, if you have any specific problems you are stuck on, give a shout and I'll see what I can do.

You wrote earlier that you have "a fair few problems that need to be worked on." I'm in the same situation, and I was intending to write up a bunch of them here, but while writing this I've realised that would probably be hijacking your thread (I'll start a new one for that instead). Good luck with your game.

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